Weather 518


I’m gonna pistol whip the next person that says Shennanigans!


“Hey Farva, what’s that place you like with all the goofy shit on the walls?”


could be’s


Snow tonight and Monday hopefully.



Im hearing anywhere from 2-6 inches locally for tonights system


hopefully nothing. I don’t feel like driving to CT in bullshit snow


Yeah hopefully we don’t get shit


Yeah probably a couple inches tonight and sun/mon’s system is hugely dependent on how much cold air can sneak in over the weekend.


Sunday into Monday looks worse. Commute should be terrible.


Put the winter tires back on the accord, I’m totally cool with it actually snowing and being cold rather than raining and being cold.

Plus, I want to get my ebrake fix.


Yup gotta test the e brake in the snow to make sure it’s functioning without ruining tires… It has to be tested several times just to make sure. It’s science.


Foot ebrake and 3 ton truck ftl


Pop that bitch into 4wd and let the good times roll pjb


yeah, I usually do. Sometimes I just go out driving in snow storms for the hell of it.


I do that too. Usually only night storms so you’re not dealing with every panic attack behind the wheel of a car in the capital district.


The first slippery commute is always so dangerous :rofl


There’s a mom joke in that statement somewhere.


Andd it’s sticking.


is there snow?


very little