Weather 518


In front of Paige school in Schenectady


prove it


Thats my neighborhood, Consaul Rd is FUCKED. No power at my house (technically) but I have my generator on right now.


these pictures make it look like nothing happened at my house and it got fucked up here, 3 trees down in my yard, spent 5 minutes cleaning johnson rd so people could drive in both lanes while getting honked at lol, siding flew off my house, somehow the tree that bent in half and touched my shed didn’t break and didn’t destroy my shed, oh and my whole lawn was flooded due to drains not being able to keep up with the water and u know, living at the bottom of a hill.


from my shop in glenville…shit was cray

at one point the winds were howling like a fright train, really eerie shit. cloud had some rotation to it as well…I have a vid but it’s too long lol


Wall cloud!


Nothing but a few twigs and leaves by my house but it seems like shit got fucked up 5 minutes away in a few directions.


The storm was going after the blackies a few miles away. That’s why.


well the pics Ive seen show more damage in the white areas, not the hood.


That’s because the hood already looks fucked up. A tornado coming through might actually spruce it up a bit.


My old neighborhood


Still no power (other then my generator) and they don’t even have a crew working on it at the moment…SAWEEEET.


That’s a great pic.


Video uploading.


took this pic… shit was crazy


Wow, that’s on the block right next to me and I didn’t lose power or even know anything happened!


am i missing something?


I got a bunch of tree damage as well.

I took a ride out last night and it was fucking bizarre out. No traffic lights on at all in Latham, and it was just eerie out. Dark as fuck too with everyones power being out.


[ame=“”]Schenectady, NY Wall Cloud 05/29/13 - YouTube[/ame]


My neighborhood has big old ass pine trees completely uprooted, branches hanging on lines all over and lines ripped out of houses and off of poles, and a few poles knocked over as well, such a mess. And NG is saying power restore time is estimated at 6am tomorrow for here.