Weather 518


yea everyone ok


Yeah no damage I guess it was just the top of the tree (mom likes to exaggerate lol) so just big branches. Took out the hammock though. Thanks for askin!


BRB checking car for pot of gold!


I live in Bellevue in Schenectady and the whole neighborhood is trashed, Tornado definitely hit.


rep for cleaverness


Damn that looks crazy.


91 teg…Damn everyone ok???


Just because there is damage doesn’t mean it was a tornado. Straight line winds can do major damage.


Trees down all over in my yard in Latham. My street got hammered. We also have no power


My girlfriend says every house on her street has trees down/damage. She’s in latham as well.


Dude there are 4ft diameter trees ripped out of the ground and thrown. Im no expert but if that was just wind well god dam. MikeyB as far as i can tell everyone is ok but theres alot of damage.


Yeah the radar was crazy looking. Huge bow echo with a curling top right in the Schenectady area. Definite recipe for funnel clouds whether one formed or touched down is still up in the air.


Bow echos are more of an indicator of straight line wind than tornados.

91teg, rotational wind in a tornado isn’t much different than straight line wind in a microburst. We have fairly weak tornados in this area and even those are rare. I may be wrong, but I don’t think it was a tornado. Either way I hope everyone is alright.


Picture taken from ellis hospital


There was a picture of a possible tornado right over the GE plant as well. I can’t seem to find that one though, it was on the news.


PJB’s house in Rotterdam


Yea i live right there, Sketchy shit dude


Yes the bow echo itself. But when the top curls back like an apostrophe it’s great indication of rotation.




Word I didn’t read your whole post, sorry dude lol. I’m watching duck dynasty. Distracted as FUCK.