Website Theft!

Check this out… our site:

This site we came across today:

Does anyone know how the copyright laws work in vietnam?

I’m betting they don’t.

That’s F’in Bullshit!

How did you find the vfonex site?

no shit they are most likely encouraged to steal it. BTW any former adelphia employees there? i remember someone i used to work for talking about that place a few years ago.

Yea the ones here don’t apply to them…

dont hold your breath

i doubt it… call up an international IP theft lawyer.

you can have your company formerally send a letter telling them to take it down or else. or something like that

and how did you find that lol

whatever you do… consult inside (if you have it) or outside counsel before moving forward. and if you need a consulting firm to support this you know who to holla at :slight_smile:


lol wow that is pretty bad

lol. the chinese straight up rip off our equipment as soon as it comes out. international copyrights? wtf are those.

thats actually really funny

after looking into the page i would say IM me and we can talk further about this. we had a similar case with a major bank

intellectual property not copyright…

At least isn’t coming up “Hacked by Chinese”. Ask your boss about that one.


i bet they are still in there.

hmmm… I’m sure you could find some “creative” ways to take it down

hum, how are the prices? why dont you call them?

I have services for rent if its hosted outside of the US.

omg mshadow es that joo??and i have services to rent if someone needs some defence when you get caught :stuck_out_tongue:

ask JnJ?