Wedding Crew: Need Help/Advice

My buddy is having a wedding this August. They are keeping it to a minimum of close friends and family only. Think “backyard, intimate” setting.

Well, back when I was dating my girlfriend, the bride in questions was somewhat close to her and they made the decision to invite both of us seperately. They’ve asked their guests to please not bring dates unless they are serious about them.

Well, I kicked my girlfriend out and we are no longer talking.

My ex and the bride haven’t spoken in months and my ex ditched out on her wedding shower yesterday.

I need some opinions or ideas on how the bride can politefully un-invite my ex. (With as little drama as possible).


She should simply call her and say “I think it’s best if you don’t come to the wedding”.

I thought this thread was going to be about you tying the knot

Absoultely not. About a year ago I was 70% of the way there. Then I woke up, smartened up and managed to get back to <10% in the past 2 months.

First off…there are Vaginas involved so drama must immediately follow.

Is your ex planning on going? Who is closer with your ex at this point, the bride or you?

I’d simply say, we are trying keep the wedding to family and very close friends only. Even though we invited you prior to recent events we’d feel it’d be in best interest of all parties that you not attend.

Something like that. At the end of the day the Bride has the last word and the final say. She could simply say Fuck off I hate you bitch. That then becomes a temporary law

Do you really care Adam?

just let us know what happens.

A. Not your problem.
B. Sounds like ex won’t show anyway.

Why would they un-invite her anyway? That’s trashy. If she actually shows everyone can act like big kids.

you want the bride to un-invite your ex to her wedding???

and you don’t want any drama???

It sounds like the bride doesn’t want her there either… and if it were me, she’d be getting a phone call telling her not to come. Of course there will be drama, but at least it won’t be at the wedding, unless she’s really psycho.

she’s a female…they’re ALL psycho…just some less than others.

I thought this thread was going to revolve around beck asking for personal wedding advice… Thank god I was wrong. I was thinking the Mayans could have actually been right for the first time.

sounds like your ex prolly wont show anyway…but if the bride doesn’t want her there now she needs to call and tell her, but be polite about it

Sadly, I’ll agree. I think it’s a package deal with the 2 X chromosomes us females have :confused:

haha, yeah…I’ve got a few experiences worthy of writing in a book…which lead to some of my “theories on women” that I enjoy sharing over beers once in a while haha.

Congrats on coming to your senses!

No, I don’t care what she does. The bride was asking me how to properly un-invite her…so I came here.

This^. If she does show up, is she gonna punch you in the chicklets? Need the preface to the story. Missing the first three chapters makes for hard reading.

Have her tell your ex that there were some problems… and there’s no longer a wedding.
Or tell her the wedding is at a different location.
Or have your friend confess to your ex that she’s secretly a lesbian and wants to elope with her.
Have a bouncer at the door, and make sure she’s not on the guest list. Bouncers are cheap, can probably get a guy from craigslist to do it for some beers.