Well this was a waste of $200

Don’t know what he was thinking…



yeah, AWD V10 supercars are madd slow

thing that gets me is that if he modded some more, it could totally be possible, what a dork.

haha that cobra had 496 RWHP according to the video…sounds like he needs to mod a lot more

man that’s the suck

i really wonder what it’d take for it to win

aside from a xfer case and a lot of nitrous or something

Wow, $200 and he got raped that bad?!?!?!? Thats insult to injury.

I raced that Yellow Lamborghini Gillardo (sp?) thats around the Clarence area all the time once… we were about even, he couldn’t pull from me.

wtf … were they rolling from the speed limit in the 2nd one ? they were pacing the car in the far lane !

yea … race a lambo top end …

lam-powned !

:word: just noticed that

Another AWESOME cobra driver (no offense Mike :slight_smile: )

Right Click, Save As HERE

ok … hoiw come i hear him downshift (???) just before he realy looses it? dowhshift ? missed gear ?

the smart thing to do would have been to …uuum… i donno … let off ?

oh wait, i see … clutched it, missed the brake, nailed the gas … to late … lol

lol… I knw the guy locally with one.

he jucied it in front of me, and i stayed right behind him also

its gallardo, and that was hott.

I dont think $200 should matter to either driver, Id imagine getting smoked is the bigger problem

I do however also race them all the time once :lol:

that one of the Kenny Brown blown cobra is hilarous, I had to watch that a few times.

I dunno if the Cobra was 496, because the driver of the Lambo says “This cars last dyno was 496.” It sounds liek he means the Lambo, then says “He thinks he can beat our stock Lambo.” Kinda sounds liek it could be either or.

nah, that sentence of his made sense :gotme:

Kenny Brown or Kenne Bell?

lol that was close