Welp... we are fubar

this thing is nuts… skynet here we come

if i saw this thing running through the woods in my backyard, i would shit myself. thats nuts, but i bet they will have to quiet it down a bit before they can do anything useful with it.

holy shit… that is amazing

:word: crazy stuff

only the beginning my friend.

This thing is way more evolved than just about any other robot i’ve seen, except maybe those asian life-like robot doll thingies.

oh in understand that, im just amazed that it has such a sense of balance and center of gravity. its like watching a deer walk on ice.


That part was simply amazing, it’s movements are just ridiculously fluid.

give me two please

THAT SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME. I kept looking for the midgets who were controlling that and yet, i couldn’t find them

edit: steve’s going to start an unholy army with them…

The video was just impressive until it slipped on the ice and caught itself. Then it became amazing.

Holy major geek wowness.

The part when the guy kicked it amazed me the most.

must watch when i get home.


Dave, these are really just made to bring us beer when we’re 80ish sitting on benches with polarized glasses staring at 18 year old bewbs…

It won’t even fall over when I finally get pissed and kick it for bringing me a warm beer<3


or walking in front of the 18 year old boobs…

seriously creeped me out…and still does…fucking amazing piece of technology…looks so real, too real…

ya seriously wtf don’t block the bewbs…fuckin cockblock!!!
I would uppercut robodog for that one!!

Once they design it to swim we are doomed.

islands would be our only sanctuary. unless they start having flying robodogs.

time to stock up on the RPGS :snky:

I was thinking the same thing. As cool as it is, it creeps the hell out of me. It walks so intelligently, its amazing!