Went out for a drive yesterday v.pics inside

[came home with a pissing/shitting machine…]

right away the lil fucker begins actin sexy for my g/f :squint:


Any more pics of your girlfriend?

nope she believes a camera steals your soul, i had to take those sneakily


cute puppy…i wanna get a lab

mom was a rottweiler
dad was a lab

i think he’s gonna be a big boy :lol:

its so cute lol

awww I am jealous!

I want a lab puppy so badly!

yea he’s gonna be a beast lol…def be a great guard dog…my uncle had a rottweiler and that sum bitch was so protective of everyone in the house

nice mix

he’s at his 1st vet appt right now, i’m waiting to hear back to make sure he’s healthy :eekdance:

You have a lot of DVD’s

strange Mix, cute dog.


clean bill of health woohoo!!!

And 2 cup holders on the lazy boy? DOUBLE FISTIN!

awww, doggah awww.


its actually a candle holder

Haha. I knew something was up


i know i veered away from the normal “bachelor pad” decor of bloody deer heads and an empty beer can pyramid in the corner.

but you have a GF? so, you’re just Bi?