Went out for ///Malk...


E90 M3 Sedan
CPO - Oct 2015
Still under factory warranty
40,000km’s (25,000 miles)

Big surprise though… i went with DCT instead of holding out for the 6 spd. I tested a private sale 2011 coupe in 6 spd and found the clutch pedal and shifter to be pretty unsatisfying in stock form. I’m used to nissan/infinity clutch/shifters and they are much stiffer on the pedal.

One caveat though; I will be putting the car through some Dinaning but i’m not sure i want to keep the DCT just yet. We worked out a fixed depreciation model and I will get to test every 6 spd car that comes back through CPO for the next little while. I’ve been waiting since the end of November and not one had come through in that time.

When I commit to the car it will be getting Dinan stage 1 susp, intake, pulley and StopTechs.

Also tested the new 335i M-sport in 6 spd tonight… it was very good but in the end you just end up modding it to make it feel like an M3 anyways. It needs suspension, software, bigger brakes than the M-sport comes with and other stuff and it’s already a fair bit more $ than a CPO M3 and will get ganked by depreciation as well.

Nice :tup:


Nice. Pulley mod?

Fits child seats :tup:

So i’m thinking about custom plates:


Congrats Bing. You must be getting old if you are buying a 2 pedal car though. :wink:

I’m thinking about doing an age / kids / transmission analogy similar to syrup / pancakes / theft but i’m too tired to be that creative in a single night.

Nice car… I held out 2 years, and got exactly what I wanted. 6sp.,white on red leather, technology package, idrive

LMAO. Well played as usual.

i thought it might also be fun to just get mad and say ignorant things but i dont think JayS would have picked up on the ironing :slight_smile:

Nice choice :tup: surprised about the DCT though… I did’nt think finding a manual M3 was that hard? at least not here in the states. Or are you not willing to travel to find a car and just waiting for a local dealer to purchase from only?


Budd’s has the dealership in Hamilton (where i live) and across the street from a new business I am opening up in Oakville where we will be servicing the dealer… so since i will have to have the car serviced at Budd’s and since we want to grow our business with them it would have been poor etiquette to buy elsewhere.

I certainly am not afraid of importing a car but Canadian dealerships won’t back you in borderline warranty scenarios when you bring up US cars. I’d likely end up with a car parked on a trailer with a sign out front if you know what i mean.

Since i’m planning to modify the car, combined with the above points, it really made a lot of sense to show some commitment to the dealer up front.

I actually met with Darryl Budd and the sales manager yesterday for a while to discuss the situation so overall the process has been good for business which is more important than personal preference.

My S14 is going to be getting the drivetrain out of my old blue S13 coupe so i’ll still have a fast manual transmission to beat on here and there

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car is presently stock. i have the CF splitters on the way though since they would be easy to switch onto another car if I trade this one back in.

Nice car, Bing. I’m sure it will be tons of fun.

:tup: sweet purchase

Understood. Alot of guys say they love the DTC trans and the numbers do reflect its performance value, I just have a really hard time thinking about not shifting anymore, hell even my daily driver a4 wagon is manual lol. What options does the car have?

it has EDC, Nav, Audio input, heated seats… and by that i mean it seems to have something from every package so i suspect it is fully loaded but i don’t really know.

doesnt have the premium audio as far as i know.

Slick :tup: