What are ya'll investing in nowadays?


Anyone got anything to contribute?

I don’t usually talk about my portfolio, though there’s a few things I don’t mind sharing.

One stock I’m currently in is Twitter (TWTR). I bought in the mid/high 50’s about two weeks ago and then sold it when it peaked at just over $65. The next day, they had a better-than-expected earnings report, but because of their decreasing amount of new accounts, the stock dropped over 20%. I re-bought at around $53, and it’s up to $54 right now, though it’s looking a bit bullish for tomorrow.

I’m not into pink sheet stocks, as frankly they’re essentially bullshit and are too risky for me. I also don’t go for commodities as they seem to only move fast if they’re going down.

So what are people buying these days?


Ive got a 401k but cant remember what its invested in except for some of it being invested in the company I work for.


Porn. Mostly just porn.


just keep putting my 12% into the 401k and investing cash into craigslist


precious metals: brass, lead, and copper


I have also been in precious metals and made out pretty well recently. Keeping a close eye on some alternative energy stuff thats going for peanuts.


in all seriousness though, this has reminded me to get off my ass and sign up for my 401k and i gotta start looking into investments other than shit that i want.


plug power yo (nasdaq: PLUG)
we’re up about 500% since the beginning of December.

there’s a ton of new articles about us over the last couple months, plenty of information to browse to make your own decision since I can’t really give advice on it :pimp:


what do you do for plug power?


I’m a test engineer


how do you like the work? i was looking at a designer job there earlier today lol


Its an awesome place to work. Good mix of engineering and getting your hands dirty… you’ll never be bored


Real Estate.


Can’t really argue with making 5+% in a day though. Sadly, real estate doesn’t do that. I’m looking to invest in real estate very soon for something more secure though.


gold is fucked, but silver ive been buying alot of as i can see silver $70-80+ an ounce in a few years

Real estate is fucking awesome, I have bought a few dirt cheap single and multi family rehabs for next to nothing and made out like a fucking bandit… Think im finally offing my house which i rehabbed if i can get this dude approved… lived in it stress free for i think 4 years and will make a good 45k on it… sold it once before like a year ago, but canceled the deal bc I couldnt find a replacement lol.

car dealer or not, ive always been on the hunt for good deals on vehicles which i think is always a great investment if you know what your buying.

Also always stalking craigslist business section and bizbuysell ext for failing business’ or just business ideas even if I was to just build them up and sell them… my partner in the past has opened up like 17 pizzerias, runs them for 6 months or so and sold them for like 20x what it cost to build plus he made income while they were for sale.

cossey, being big into stocks you should take a gamble with a huge quantity of gold… while gold is def shitting the bed hardcore it still fluctuates daily and goes up or down 40-50-60 dollars in a day making it ideal for a QUICK buy and flip investment meaning buy and hold onto it for a week or two tops and then sell… i remember a couple times buying 100k+ of pure gold coins and selling them and the next day gold only going up like $40… but just that measily $40 i would have made an extra $4k if say gold went from 1500 to 1540

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amazing thing about real estate is if you can buy something for cash, your literally making money the entire time though renting it out… and when your property sells you get the huge lump sum. I honestly dont know too much about stocks, but imo it seems as if your simply gambling on that 5% compared to the real estate where give or take your almost gaurenteed that monthly cash flow.


I don’t know if I’m really in the mindset to be a landlord. I couldn’t fucking stand getting calls at any time of the night if something breaks lol. I’d prolly go ballistic. I’d mostly want to get into buying property low and rehabbing then selling.

Gold I’m not too knowledgeable on to invest in though. Stocks are much easier for me to research, and although it’s risky at times, I’ve made out pretty well over the years.


well heres a couple things… with single families i suppose you could keep them vacant and just let them sit until they sell as most that buy single families buy for them to move in, not for investment rentals, but you are loosing money monthly on taxes putting yourself under pressure to sell… I never keep anything I buy either because with lower end homes it most certainly is fucking annoying being a landlord, but its alot easier to deal with people for 5-6 months making that money or even hiring someone to deal with these people then to leave the house vacant with no income while its for sale… Also, a multi fam unit usually sells alot quicker with tenants already showing cash flow.

and gold is extremely simple to follow… heres a quick guide… pure gold 999.9% pure price can be checked 24 hours a day at www.kitco.com at the top left of the screen
you can usually get 1 ounce pure gold coins/bars for $20 under spot(gold price) to spot exactly… I used to get it for about $100 under spot and if interested I may be able to put you in contact with my old connects…
watch how the price goes up $20 here and there and look how easy it is to make money lol. key is and looks like your ok with it, to make a little money and dump QUICK as gold is no longer high and continues to drop… BUT it does go up during the week, just gotta sell before it goes under the price you purchased at.

selling you should always be able to get spot… sometimes you can get $20-40 over spot from a retail customers, but wholesale to get rid of quick always count on spot.

gold right now is $1,284 an ounce… lets say we just purchased 17 ounces at $100 under spot for $20,128… if gold goes up $36 tomm which is totallyyy possible you make $2,312 in one day… if gold only goes up $10 you either sell or gamble a day more to see if itll jump higher before you sell… if it drops $10-20 you hold out until it levels out and then sell…


spending money on silly crap like cars and clothes and restaurants and strippers is way more fun that investing.


maybe until your out of cash to buy more cars and clothes and restaurants and strippers…


And get sick of living in your parents basement