What did I miss? Chevy truck w/V8

My neighbors truck just quit running on him. He just pulled a fairly long and steep hill. Said that it was like someone just turned the key off.

Mid 80’s model 305. HEI with coil in the cap. I used my multimeter and tested out the coil, the pickup, and everything else I could think of and still get no spark. There is 12v at the cap on the battery wire.

Tomorrow we are going to set the #1 at TDC and then check the position of the rotor to see if it jumped time.

He had some spare parts and we did swap out another coil and ignition module with no luck.

I haven’t checked the condition of the ground straps from the block to the body, the block to the frame, or the frame to the body.

Any thoughts on something I missed?

Pickup coil in distributor? Sometimes the two wires can break in the dist.

module is my first guess. i have had a few go bad.

did timing chain break?

My neighbor called me and said he got it fired up.

He had to replace the distributor. The pickup coil was bad. When I tested it, I didn’t test it with vacuum and it turns out it was faulty.

The module was bad, but we replaced it with a spare just for fun.

So thanks for all the replies and the tips. I seem to have forgotten so many things about the old Chevys. I got rid of all my chevy projects about 6 years ago and it was a trip down memory lane sitting under the hood again.

great to hear that you finally got it all sorted and got the vehicle running again, all the knowledge we gain while working on is always helpful, one way or other and thanks for putting all your experience out here as it might be helpful to some body else in getting things done.