what do you guys think of my kit?


this is the kit that is on order for my car i cant wait!! 8)

You can’t be serious…

my kit is worth more than your car… :butthead:


Looks like a modded sunfire, definitely worth the money. Get some lambo doors too.


ahahaha wow it looks like a bird

That’s extreme, looks like something higher end veilside would make.

It kinda does look like a sunfire, lol.

you sir are too rich.

Your gay, enough said.

Uhm all i can say is… rice

man that body kit looks like it’d be an anchor for the car. . .i wonder if that wing actually works? . . .well, to each their own i guess. . .

p.s. i thought it was a sunfire when i first saw it :rolleyes:

definitly diff

dude… pick up ur phone…call whatever place u ordered this from… CANCEL IT…then take your money… go to autodream…grab this thing they call an sr20…ps it goes under the hood… then your car can go zoom zoom!! and u’l be dk of edmonton!! and go race people for pinks down the whitemud! :finga:

Don’t want to come off sounding like an As5 but it’s a really “rice” like kit… I don’t think many people will like this kit.

needs more downforce, that wing wont be big enough to keep that plane on the ground.

im sure that kit will improve ur aero dynamics, and maby add some decals to make u go zoom zoom.

heres a good example i found:


lol,you are all harsh…but yeah i dunno about this one!

Yeah… Ok, you tell yourself that…

wow…simply wow.

I didnt think they designed such bad looking kits…then again it might look better in person…but I dont think so.

spec_v - I think that kit’s about right…those wheel aero parts work wonders!

wow talk about jdm rice it looks like a insect… and i have to comment about what u said about “costing more than someones car” thats so wrong.


all I can say is :vom: