What do you ride thread!


Dude with your gearing you should be able to pop the R6 right up.
It’s a bitch with stock gearing.


You know what they say about wheelies. Something about, if you’re not falling, you’re not learning right. :lol

Rather learn the concept on a cheap motard, and not crash the R6.

I did a few clutch-ups on my Z1000 last year, but I’d always come down with the wheel slightly turned, which could result in a tank slapper so I stopped trying. Z1000 I was doing 2nd gear clutch ups at like 4k RPM’s. :crackup


LOL IDK if your falling from wheelies in my book your doing something wrong.
It’s harder to get the right body position & fallowing a good line than popping a wheelie in my eyes.:lol

One sit back on the seat not up on the tank
two Grip the tank with your knees to avoid the slapper
three I let off the throttle slowly to set the bike down easier.


Been meaning to take the decals off my bike for awhile now, finally got around to it this weekend.



Only reason those last flames are on there is because they’re cleared over on the tank so I can’t get them off. Tank grips will cover them though and they should be delivered soon.


Looks way more betterer


This! :number1



Whoever invented flame decals and put them on bikes should be shot. :rofl

Why kept the flames on the tank??? Is that under the clear coat?? :rofl

Nice bike, btw. Reminded me that my yoshi should arrive today.


Yes, the tank flames are under the clearcoat. Once the tank grips are on it will cover them anyway.


Looks so much better!

Now if you wanted, you could get your wheels powdered any color you want and it’ll go good with the bike. I wish my 636 wasn’t a POS with it’s faulty engine. When it ran right, it was an awesome bike. I definitely didn’t have enough time to enjoy it.


What kind of bike is this?


DRZ 400 I believe.


Actually I think I found it. Looks like a new Kawasaki 250.


yep… KLX


Rocket - is the CBR your third bike? What’s the plan for it? Post up some pics!


just now seeing this thread, heres this years bike. Ive had it all, gsxr 600/750, r1, 600rr etc etc.

ZeroGravity Windscreen (tinted)
DDM 6000K HID’s (2 sets, low and high)
CarbonFiber Works Heel Guards
CarbonFiber Works Exhaust Guard
Smoked Integrated Taillight (led)
ClearAlternatives Smoked Flushmounts
OES Swingarm Spools
FP Racing Shorty Levers - gold
RoaringToyz Stem Cap
Brembo Resevoir Socks
Kawasaki Tankpad
Powdercoated Passenger Pegs with protek pegs
Powdercoated Rearsets with protek pegs
Powdercoated Triple Tree

K&N Air Filter
Airbox Mod
Driven Blockoffs
Yoshimura RS5 CarbonFiber Exhaust - shortened 5"
Driven 15/45 Sprockets (+2)
EK Gold Chain





2003 Harley Davidson Fat Boy, got it around 2 months ago


LOL, I just saw this. Don’t really have big plans for it, just did the exhaust, tank grips and swap the lowering link out with the OEM one.


2008 Hayabusa.



Badass. Fat Boys are my favorite Harley


07 SMR 510
Slipper, Acerbis’s, Pirelli Dragon Super Corsa’s, 7602 Case, ZipTY Magnetic Filter, JD’d-Un-Restricted and pump turned on.
Sans “Mickey Mouse Ears”