What do you ride thread!


^^ Looks great, I like that color. That Two-Bros pipe must be loud?


Actually that pipe is relatively quiet. I am in the middle of selling it on eBay as I switched it out for a Hotbodies Megaphone.


Have you got the chance to set-up your suspensions yet?


Nope. To be honest, I am clueless when it comes to suspension stuff and how to set it up. :dunno

I have Keith Code’s instructional video, and it still confused me. lol

Are you the guy Vlad was telling me is a genius at suspension setups?


yep Vlad was talking about Rocket. Also the R6 stock supspension should be perfect for you your at the 180 sweet spot. Once it’s set up for you, the ride should be smoother.


I watched a bunch of videos and I love constantly fiddling with my own suspension. I am in no way shape or form a “genius”…:rofl. I try to document what I found useful as much as I can in the sticky, feel free to take a look.

The OEM R6 forks and shock are so over-sprung for my weight, it is not even funny. It is nothing more than a game of constant comprise to see which settings are less likely to kill me…:rofl.


^This :crackup:crackup
I’m guessing you and I are about the same height and weight rocket.


5’-7", 130lbs if I didn’t take a dump. :rofl


First thing I thought of when I read this was: “Pedrosa” :crackup


5’10 150 if I’m lucky:lol


jockey sized mofos up in here


Perfect moto racer sizes here bro :flex:


Seriously…I’m 6’0 215lbs LOL


small people are more aerodynamic.


^^ I need something like that to learn to do wheelies! lol


Haha for sure I was tryin some but on the grass but I just do rolling burnouts if I slip the clutch a bit tryin to get it up. Not tryin to figure them out on pavement as this is still my first bike anyways.


Wanna buy my Icon Jacket? lol


Don’t need any more jackets :lol


You can never have too many jackits.


Wheelie monsters, wait till you see me on mine :lol

However doing wheelies on a sport bike is an entirely different ballgame. Stoppies might relate a little bit better. The weight/powerband/gearing/seating position of the motards doesn’t translate well to SS machines.