What do you ride thread!


Harleys are awful… just terrible


more than you can afford, pal


What can I say Im getting old!


I like it that’s sharp!!! I like a few diff harley bikes! Would totaly ride lol


Awesome bike. I will be getting a Harley this year. Even though I promised myself I’d never own another bike.




I’m not a fan of the full dress bikes (that may change years down the road) but I like the look of the cruisers that are just simple and clean. I’m also not huge on chrome but I got the bike for a insane deal. Soooo I will slowly but surely replace all the chrome accessories with black ones. I also found out HD stands for hundred dollars, as in add that to the actual price of whatever you’re buying is LOL.


sweet deal buddy! One of these days if i can find a good deal on a softtail i will be getting one.


Holyshit balls

I’ve been thinking about a cruse myself to be honest…But then I repress my thoughts and get back on the sports bike.:lol


Can’t lose another one to the HD monotony man… stick with the r6!


I only had thoughts :lol


There is a reason why people switch to cruisers.

Eventually riding race bikes to dunkin donuts stops making sense. :rofl :tongue


Except I have never rode to DD, I find it wierd to ride a bike to just hangout, I ride a bike to ride! LOL


:lol Never made sense to me from day one.


One of these days we’re all going to get there early enough to actually go somewhere and have a good time lol. :rofl Until then we’ll pop start my bike in the parking lot.

Had my battery checked and it’s good. Go figure. An old man who seemed to know a thing or two told me to check out my starter solenoid because if it was half shot it’d make th ebike act an awful lot like it had a dying battery. Pewpew.


Wow, nice! Congrats! Man!

Have fun and ride well! :number1


Dude your always on the farm, I have insomnia and it is kicking my ass!:lol
hispeed will be in NYC, and I haven’t committed the location of that road to memory yet.:rofl IDK what sly1000’s work hours are.


Has he posted at all? If not we’ll see him around I guess. I’ll have to take a day off and head out at least once.


Not that I recall, text him?


:shrug: no reason. We’ll see if he does. If not shoot him a text before we head out next time.


Just picked it up last Monday. Already changed the exhaust out, a different license plate bracket, got a smoked taillight coming, HID’s on the way, some LED’s here and there, frame sliders, new bar ends, and put a brand new Power 2CT, sprockets & chain on her.

I gotta stop buying stuff. :banghead