What do you ride thread!


I don’t think I could be forced to ride another bike with clipons after having normal bars. And plastic is silly. I must be getting old. Thankfully I am not yet afflicted with love for chrome :rofl


08 husqvarna 610sm - new toy


I used to have one of those. Get ready for plenty of tickets lol

edit I rode the SMR version with the 510 motor. Little lighter and more powerful. Tons o fun


Nice pick up. Whats the maintenance like on one of these ?


The 510 required oil changes every 500 miles and valve adjustments every 1000. I put almost 5000 on it before I had enough, lol. The 610 is more street friendly


Ouch, Was it worth it though ?


Relatively - yea. It was easy to maintain And the oil and filters and spacers werent too expensive. I bought the filters online but can’t remember where. Indy440 might know.

I just rode it too much. It would be an epic secondary bike, but at the rate I was going I would’ve had to do a rebuild every other year lol


:excited:excited nicccccce!


Got ya. I dont know a whole lot about the SM’s but they look like there a blast!!


Finally got back on the road after last falls crash.

Reborn in white…



^^ I love buells:(


me too! :smiley:


The 61o is a lil bit heavier, but the maint. schedule isnt as strict.


Well I have a new bike already, will take a pic and post it later today!


Honda Rebel? Haha


Lemme guess harley? Haha can’t wait to see it!!!


My last two two wheeled toy’s. Should have another on the way soon :slight_smile:


And I’ve officially crossed over to the dark side…no more crotch rockets.

2007 Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider



another one bites the dust.


The craziest part is the retail value on the 2007 HD I have is higher then a brand spanking new Busa!