What do you ride thread!




07 honda rebel 250
one of the most exciting days in my life thus far
a perfect first bike for my love of cruisers:)

first 2 are the add pics, next one is me picking it up today lol


Wow congrats man! Wear gear and have fun! :number1

Bobber mod kit + drag bar. DO IT! :rofl:rofl:rofl


bobbers are WIN!


how you read my mind is beyond me:) lol i love bobbers most out of all bikes but this is buy far the best rebel bobber i have seen; from the black white color scheme flat black with white walls, seat, and grips, rebels are my dream bike and i bought mine today lol 5 hrs of driving almost 100 in gas and tolls and one nice ass mint rebel:)



Just post what kind of bike you ride and color ( if you have a picture even better )

Where you generally are seen riding ( Albany, colonie , etc ) I know we go everywhere on rides but just a frame of reference where you are most often riding/seen

This is for when we see each other on the road we can identify one another as shift members


I’ll start

07 Gsxr 600 blue/ black
Colonie, ny


theres a sticky above.




not gonna lie, took me awhile to find it cause i didnt realize it was stickied :lol


Lmao I lose

Thanks guys


Thread title wasn’t the best.

Renamed and merged!


Might as well update:

05 Drz400sm



I can be easily spotted, if you saw an idoit on a sport bike that uses hand signals, that’s me.:rofl


I use them all the time too! My middle finger gets quite the workout :lol


Crappy picture of the 06 650SVN


Vlad I want your motard!!!

and I have done a few mods on my bike now, few chrome nut covers, black plate frame, and removed my windscreen lol… but here are new pics!!

07 honda rebel, black, red hjc lid.



2011 Daytona 675 SE

lots of carbon
fender elim
integrated turn signals


does that sticker price say 41k?


11K bro, love daytona’s