What do you ride thread!


Not understanding your logic here? Wait for what? Spring when the price of used bikes being sold goes back up? Winter is the time to buy a bike especially off Craigslist.


what can you do with a bike in the winter? i guess everyone thinks different on this. for me i can just park it because i do not enjoy riding in winter.

i understand the current market. everything is worth less the older it is…but to a certain point. if its a classic or antique then its a exception. but for the most part if you pay 10k on a new bike its worth less as soon as you buy it. doesnt matter if its summer or winter

if you have a 2012 motorcycle i bet it will be worth less next summer than its worth now. kbb value.

getting the people to buy it is probally easier in the summer. but supply in demand should effect the prices more than weather. and because there are more buyers they will ask more $$$. bike is still worth the same $$ tho either way. and if people think like you they will hold the bike until the summer and then you have the market flooded with bikes for sale…that would drop the price

people may ask more money for a bike in spring that doesnt mean the bike is worth more. they ask more. i would never pay more than a bike is worth even if its sunny outside. someone else might tho. i speak for myself

just because people ask for more doesnt make it worth more.

i also understand you arugment. most believe what you posted. but i dont


You just buy it. Then store it till the spring. Then either sell it again or ride it. I know there’s bikes going for 2000 that are worth 3000-4000


Pretty simple and straight forward. Post A Picture or pictures of your pride and joy.






Isn’t there a similar thread about 5 threads down?


2004 Honda Shadow VLX 600

1983 Yamaha XJ650 Maxim
(Current state)





Buell XB12S


01 f4I



Before i painted it




Bought this bad boy today!

2013 Honda Shadow Phantom!


Awesome bike man, congrats


Thanks dude. I can’t wait to pick it up!


Idk if I ever put a pic of my bike in here


very nice.


Thanks man. It’s Hondas First Fuel Injected Shadow. 750cc V Twin. Should be a lot of fun.


i had a 1100 shadow and that thing was balls slow and boring idk what id do with myself if i had a 750… but hey it looks nice


I don’t need to go 100mph. I need a cruiser that can go highway speed. Lol. My 600 would do it but needed another gear. My friend has a Shadow 750 but Carburated and it was fast enough for me. So this is perfect