What do you ride thread!


i didnt need to go 100 mph on a cruiser either it was just dog dick slow, and i got really bored of it quick, idk how to describe it but i was really bored on it


nice pick up man!!!


Thanks dude. I can not wait for nice weather. I wanna ride this thing SO BAD


Suck it up :lol. Bike looks good man!


I’m not gonna take a chance on shitty roads with a Brand New Bike. Lol. I haven’t even picked it up yet


my older brother picked up a 99 750 a.c.e. in 09 he hasn’t looked back since. he loves it. talks about upgrading but he always says he wants to keep it. i did go a tooth down with rear sprocket as he wasn’t happy with rpm’s on highway. hes so much happier now. glwb


Took the little 300 out the other day for a ride


First track day looks to be first week of May.


New ride


nice zx!


Slowly but surely she’s coming along


God dam that thing looks good!


Thanks bro.

Last year she was a bit rough so I was using it to learn wheelies … This year, I don’t think I even wanna risk laying it down. A lot of time and money went into this change over. More than I want to think about. :ahh


Nice, I like it.

Nice pick up man!



The Fiat fairings look great!


Few minor touches left (Put on the fender eliminator, adjust the mirrors, give the chain a good initial cleaning and lubing, and clean the sticky stuff off the clutch-side fork where my old inspection sticker was) but besides the minor stuff, she’s all set. Running GP shift pattern so this is going to take some getting used to.












Whatcha think?




[ame=“http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjQtzV9IZ0Q”]That’ll do pig, that’ll do (ending to Babe) - YouTube[/ame]


Dafuq :crazy


:lol you didn’t get it? Don’t tell me you’ve never seen babe the pig?


dude that thing i sexy!