What do you ride thread!


Thanks :number1


So sick.


My sister bought an 07 250 and i went with her on her first little spin around town today. It was a bit chilly :lol




Nice, I had an 04 in the same color, but I took all the “flames” off…:rofl. The image is not showing at least for me, so I added that link for you.


Fixed ?


Took delivery today


Nice bikes! I wish I would stop being a chicken and learn how to drive one





Dude that pic came out sweet. Cant wait to see the video!


Nice guys


Video from today:

It’s only 3:10 … after that, it just goes black for 5min. I guess I don’t know how to work my video editing software

It’s piss poor quality. Original 1440p video was nearly 3GB


Those wheelies are insane lol


Cant wait for my rear hand brake line to come in. Its sketchy just hovering the brake with my foot. Pretty sweet though !


Couple more pictures, and that’s all I got…




Sick :number1


are you the one doing the wheelies?


Yea Buddy


THATS MY SHOPPPP AT THE END! I love hearing bikes going by while I am there, and cant deny I get a lil chub when I hear a clutched up willy and little limiter blip too!



I love it dude! Nice bike! I absolutely love the wire wheels and the chunky front tire! :excited:excited


That’s super ballsy lol…I don’t know how you have that type of balance or skill…Have you ever fallen?