What do you ride thread!


Practice lots of practice. And i was hit by a car at the end of last season.


>.> How badly were you injured?


Got hit at about 50 and got up and rode the bike home like a boss. The crash cage saved my ass for sure, it cut her driver side door in half.


See it’s not the idea of riding that scares me so much…its the dumbass drivers in cars that scares me more.


then ya dont belong on a bike. Dumb ass drivers dont scare me, I just assume its part of the art of riding a motorcycle. Things that scare you, will hurt you. Observing, anticipating and reacting to EVERYTHING (other drivers, riders, conditions, widelife, etc) shouldn’t scare the rider, it should trigger natural and proper reactions.

Put it this way, I have raced and ridden bikes, quads, sleds, you name it for a long time. Very rarely do I get that adrenaline rush from avoiding disaster on those things any more. Going around a car pulling out infront of me, or coming up a little short on a 100’ motocross jump, doesn’t get me going. In a car, for some reason I get that short rush once a week from avoiding idiots, hydroplaning out of nowhere, missing a deer, etc. I dont know why it is like that, other than I somehow wrote out the scary factor or some shit.


Yeah, gotta watch out for mustangs, female drivers, or both. :rofl j/k

Just need to ride defensively on the street. As a rider you are either doing everything you can to minimize the risk or you don’t.


If you can’t view traffic as moving pylons then a motorcycle is not for you.


Women are fucking DANGEROUS on the road! I have lost count how many times a woman has almost taken me out!! One the phone, on the ipad, doing makeup drinking and swerving threw lanes, not checking their blind spot before going into my lane and running my bike off the fucking road!:Idiots

Last Monday a female driver being an idiot! on the road finally got me and cost me my mustang!:banghead Sitting at the entrance to 890 facing traffic caught me out.


!!! Your Mustang was totaled???


And now he can’t do a track day with me!


Old people are the worst, followed by teenage girls with expensive cars, and then teenage boys with riced-out cars.


Don’t ride in people’s blind spots, problem solved.


before switching lanes you are to check your blind spot before merging.
I’ve almost be hit in my mustang by a woman not checking her blind spot. Some how a big red sports car is hard to see?


A mustang is a sports car? :dunno



Nah people are just retarded and don’t know how to setup their mirrors.


^ This!




Well my insurance sure as hell wont let me list it as a town car.



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