What do you ride thread!


Huffy dual susp. Mtb 26"




My boss just pulled into work with his new toy, so sick. Just about creamed myself.



As usual, new bike for the season.
11 gsxr 750. So far my favorite out of them all. http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h52/Criscone/2011%20GSXR%20750/18_zpsbd18bcd7.jpg


decided to thin out the herd to just 2 bikes…so i just sold this sportster chop last month

picked up this softail for a commuter

currently trying to sell my triumph


and my baby

and a little preview of what i have in store for the makeover this coming month…


I like what you did with that one. Details on it?


lol which one?


Sorry. The last one. The 55 Panhead




man where to start.

im sure ill forget a bunch of stuff but here is the gist as it sits now…

bored .30 over
weisco 9:1 pistons
shovel intakes on the heads
linkert carb
vintage weipac headlight
wideglide front end
bates risers
el cheapo biltwell bars
exile cycles internal throttle
narrowed and frisco’d sporty tank
shitty sullys seat
foot clutch
jockey shift
front fender mounted to the rear swingarm
rear juice drum
swingarm shovel frame

ill have to update it in a month or two with a whole new list LOL


Nice dude


panhead update…should be buttoned up this weekend… :smiley:



sweet beans


here is my pan…still going to change out my bars and seat then get it painted proper but im stoked on it

and here is my new living room where i keep the HOGGGZZZZZZ


new bars


what powell deck is that in the back?


i also collect old decks.

thats just a daily rider repop cab dragon board.



Bike looks good!

The Grom is still looking stock. Will update once it gets some changes.,…


A Rossi helmet … never thought I’d see the day :wink: