What do you ride thread!


Did it for resale value lol. Also I want to see what the next Gen helmets can do, I’ll get some riding time in soon. But so far I might honestly like the shoei better. O_O
It also fogs up easy like WHOA.


Shoei for the win.

I’m going to be purchasing an RF-1200 soon. The RF-1100 I previously was just amazing compared to my Bell Star Spirit (similar class of helmet as far as price and features and rating…but not quality).


its all about fit. Shoei’s dont fit me well enough for me to go that route.


I didn’t like my AGV either.

And I don’t think you did it for resale value (or you were sadly mistaken). Even with RD discount, I still took like a $200 loss on my Rossi helmet.

My next helmet (someday), will be a MM93 replica - but, I just paid big cash to go to Indy this year for the GP again so a helmet is on hold.


You driving or riding out?

My buddy and me have been tossing around the idea of riding out (he’s out in Cortland). He has a Street Triple and I on my 300…I think we could do 2-3hr legs with 15 minute stops easy.

Also, you got tickets already? If I don’t buy them soon will I be SOL?


I figured the rossi helmet would hold more resale value than the Lorenzo graffiti. An 850 lid, gotta clear at least 600 on it for a the resale later on. Eh oh well.

The fitment is amazing, it is the best fitting helmet I have worn yet.
The over all feature do not impress me like I thought they would.
It feels about the same as a shoei Rf 1100 as far as weight go’s
I do like the fact it doesn’t bump into my race hump at all.

I’ve noticed the graphics are not a perfect replica of rossi’s lid which for the price bothers me.


We’re driving out. We wanted to take the bikes last time but it’s just easier to drive.

I bought tickets in E Box (Found E Box to be the best seats last time I was there), and I booked a hotel at the JW Marriott in the heart of the city (Which is where all of the bikes gather at night)

I also bought full weekend Paddock Passes hoping to get pictures and signatures of many of the riders. Fingers crossed. Gonna be a fun one this year!


Yeah 13hrs or whatever it is, is kinda far. But I keep seeing some folks on the Ninja forum take long trips and I’m kinda jealous of the ‘adventure’.


that pan head looks awesome


Jeff, you’re alive!

Text me your number bro. Still got the SV?


yes i do, and the tiburon lol. I’m like a horder. i still have the same number, i’ll send you a text


thanks. i changed the bars out to these biltwell chumps.

then routed the internal throttle

and here is a pic of my loft where they get tucked away every night

aaaaand im prob going to chop the softail by the end of this year too



decided to do powdercoat and chrome a week before Born Free 6…

let the stress headaches begin

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sick bike bro! its exactly what i would want something i build to look like just need to find the time and frame to make it out of… i love the wheels and all the hidden wires


well i managed to get everything back in time for my weekend of camping at Born Free 6…here are a few pics

with my buddy brent and his wicked shovel


another of brents shovel and woz in the background

and one i just found on tumblr lol



my 1990 big twin evo daily rider…