What fights would you like to see?




I have gloves, headgear, mouthpiece, etc. from when I used to box. We should make some of these happen. Find a place, charge admission, use funds to throw a heck of an afterparty including but not limited to food, alcohol, hookers. Thoughts? :slight_smile:


Yeah I’ve never boxed, fuck that.

I’d have to be super drunk, and even then he’ll probably kick my ass and I’ll just get mad and stomp around like a little bitch until I’m over my bruised ego.


On the same basis of Jason vs. Sean, I want to see Sean and Joey fight it out.

And I’m all set with being groped. :rofl


Would a wrestling or MMA format better suit you? :slight_smile:


see I would like to see Delucia vs. Joey, delucias got the weight on him… but joey is a fiesty motherfucker… I saw him throw a girl to the gound before :lol


How about bong for bong

(Beer of course)


not gonna see me and adam go at it in a serious or even semi serious matter. we are pretty matched up and each know how to take one another out, its just a matter of who gets to it first.

im not a fan of pre arranged matches. just go at it.


brett im going to kick ur ass. :hug


K20 vs sentra boy , sentra kid wants it, so man up k20, there is moneh in it and chicken suits, remember ?

i cant fight I weigh 120 pounds never threw a punch in my life :ninja


thats cool, im not scurred. ill take out your knee joints.:ahh


he doesn’t have joints, he’s bionic.


just gotta chop him down


Emanuel is the Terminator.


So who wants to go bong for bong with me.


I vote Allan for that one.


… Il be back


funny u mention this, saturday i hurt my knees once again. Doctor next week for an mri on them. I think i have torn tendons.


man. thats been the weak link for years. time for some reconstruction.


Im callin out leo :poke