Ok, here’s the deal…

Me and the girlfriend are looking for something to do today. We are both under 21. And neither of us have a whole lot of extra cash this weekend.

Also, keep it legal. :lol:

The only other hthing is, the weather doesn’t seem to stable today, so not sure what to do about that.

go out driving over the Grand Island bridges and do the “penny protest” that Shred and Reagan had recently. If they ask, just say, “I was saving up to afford the trip over the bridge”

“Pennies are money!”

its egal tender, it doesnt matter where you are, if you want to pay for somthing that is 10,000 in pennies thay have to accept it because it is legal us tender, it is against federal law to refuse it. Go to the movies at the como place…its like 1.50

i don’t wanna turn this into a political argument type of thread… but that penny protest pisses me off. All it really does is piss off the toll both workers, and hold up the toll lines. Do you think the local government is going to care that some toll both workers are pissed off? I highly doubt it.


Anywho, back to Steve’s question… I want to know too! haha. You can always cruise out to lechworth, but like you said, the weather is off and on… Blockbuster is cheap :gotme:

It is not against the law to refuse it.

ie: “oh I think it is counterfeit so I am not going ot accept that.”

go for a stroll in the park…and bring a couple umbrellas, just in case. It’s relaxing and free.

I don’t know where you live, just assume the closest/nicest park…lol

check out griffis sculpture park thats supposed to be a cool free place to go and hang out with a girl

mailbox baseball in Blackrock

okay, that’s not legal. uh…sneak into a movie…

I give up! STBY that you’re not 21 yet! lol

Okay, we were thinking of going somewhere with indorr rock climbing because the weather is so shitty, but we don’t know where? Does anyone know of any places that aren’t too far, and not too expensive?

Dick’s @ Galleria Mall is all I can think of…

yeah im a toll collector.

giving us pennies, doesn’t really bother us.

And if anyone thinks that we will sit there and count $0.75 or $1.20 in pennies is sadly mistaken… we don’t give a fuck if we are $1-$5 bucks off a drawer.

Or if you really wanna piss the people off…when they are clearly being a smartass, by giving you change… i will count it really, really slow… and if they attempt to drive off, Ill get on the radio with a “trooper”, to tell them a patron is leaving early before i can verify the toll :lol:

In a couple months working, I have never had anyone just give me pennies…sure foreigners giving you cups full of change isn’t out of the ordinary but pennies…no.

Its not even the toll collectors fault the rates went up. Just like gas, and prices of stuff in general…everything has to raise.


Do you really think that everything else should rise in price the past 20 years (cars, food, clothes, taxes, gas, everythign else) but not tolls?

Tolls pay for… maintenance, thruway workers, tow truck drivers, STATE POLICE, toll collectors, and everything else you could think of that has to deal with the thruway.

So next time, you get a flat, or need the troopers to come for an accident u got in… be glad you paid the extra 10 cents. :slight_smile:

lol…I know a toll collector in Williamsville. Joelster can verify this. (the toll collector’s name is Kim, and Kimmy if she’s in a good mood…lol) I KNOW that you guys can take it, but that whole “penny protest” was because some booths (not necessarily in NYS) have a sign that says “no pennies”. But the GI bridges are 50 cents, so that’s a whole roll’s worth of 'em. Have fun counting! hehehe

steve apparently ther eis a party tonight i think they are also val’s friends, idk some iriquois shit

So sorry my friend but that is wrong. in the united states and US owned territories US money can not be refused, if they suspect its counterfit, they can have it checked, but they have to accept ALL US currency.

Things to do when you’re bored:

Have sex
Work on a car
Build something
Watch a movie
Feed wild animals at the park

Usually when I’m bored, I build shit, and Nichole gets stuck having to listen to me talk forever about stupid shit.

:withstupi try having sex, it does wonders, kills time, never gets boring (unless you suck at it)…seriously once your done with one way you can always do something new, then when you pull out and bust a load make it a game and aim for her face. Then wait about 15 minutes, relax and repeat step 1.

Free and fun. Problem solved please lock thread