What makes a bar good or bad?

personally i like hole in the wall shit hole corner bars.

a bar for me is all about the people in it and who is bar tending.

i’ve been to old for the downtown chippewa scene for a while and isn’t my ideal place to go. once again though on off nights you can find some good people and some damn good bar tenders down there.


when single: the girls
when not single: the beers on tap
what makes a bar bad: country music

TITS to Cock Ratio

Location and cheap drinks :tup: when the f*ck is desis south opening!

If I have to shove through a bunch of meat heads getting shots just to get a drink then that’s a shit bar to be at.

I too like the chilled out, hole in the wall bar…as long as the music isn’t so loud I can’t carry on a conversation without yelling into someones ear.

The more sunglasses worn the better the bar

Tough question to answer. A bar has to try to create the right atmosphere to attract the right people, which is different for different people.

My favorite places tend to have:

Sam Adams seasonal on tap.
Cute flirty bartenders.
Not so crowded that you have to wait in line to get to the bar.
No douchebaggery.
No pretentiousness.

See: Crocodile, Frizzy’s, Westfields.

yep true story


Any Bar Zong doesn’t go to… = GREAT BAR

Any Bar ILC goes to… = GAY BAR

Any Bar Zong goes to = not a bar at all just rice cookers all over the place

patrons (no underage kids or chippewa douchebags)
not crowded to the point where getting a drink or pissing takes more than 2 minutes
good beer selection
close to home is a plus

hot underage babes and fights make bars :tup:

waiting 20 mins to get a drink = shitty

usually one leads to the other

cheap drinks!

and good music!

i like the dive bars, the more wood panneling the better :tup:

i like bars with a lot of room to dance. and with a lot of hot chicks.

Luna meets both these requirements, but also has tons of douchebags. I can deal with the douchebags tho, because most of them don’t dance and lurk around the bar trying to pick up girls, while i make off with all the wimenz.

The bars where music isn’t loud, people are talking, mostly young professionals, and the bartender doesn’t ask what you want, but gives you what you want when ya sit down. :tup: