what the hell happened to this place? (Update Post #111)


AMAZING. You seem to have fixed most of your inability to type out a coherent thought. so what i have learned from this is that you may not be an actual idiot. Although from your off tangent about the benefits of immigrating to this country, i will still say that you are at best an imbecile. my main concern now is no longer your stupidity or ignorance but you seem to be obsessed with KK. I’ll admit KK is a cool guy and all but for god’s sake, stop trying to give him a blowjob via the internet. that’s all for today, try not to fall and break a hip on the ice you old pathetic fuck.


No, He is just is a great speller.lol. And a hard worker and sometimes it is not about how you spell or book smarts it is about how you take care of the things at hand. And most of you have failed miserably. You are only worried about one thing. What happened to our Shift518. In the scheme of life who really gives a Fuck. What matters is we have an Asshole running our country and the hard working people are being strangled to death by taxes. I am glad to be better off then most and have alot to show for my hard work. They day I look at another man with lust in my eyes is the day I will kill myself or have someone do it for me. Just for the record I am not old. Just sick of all the cry baby shit that goes on all around us every day. Mean people suck and bring everybody down.


I’m not worried about where shift went. You’ve proved that as long as it’s here there will always be someone like you. :rofl Reading your posts is like watching a bad tourettes guy video.



Have a nice vacation tuff guy ! No need to puff your old ass chest when your the only one who can’t see he is playing


Oh come on. Unban him vlad.


Unban him this is the only interesting thing that has happened lately


I don’t get why he’s even on this site in the first place



For the simple reason that he has commented absolutly no differently than anyone else in this thread has. The fake threats of an ass kicking are as you can read, are just to continue the bullshit fest here. Not to mention, john and i love ya big guy, your usually the first to put fists up yourself IRC something along the lines of “Piece of shit he is and cave his head in if I see him and I have no shit” about 2 weeks ago here. So you also understand how being brought into threads and situations changes your tune and makes ya speak your mind. This dude is hours away IRC so the likely hood of him acting out is slim to none. AND lastly, there was no thread or discussion on actions in the mod section about the ban. IRC, again, that was how banning was suposed to work, like a democracy amongst the members.

BILL, take this as a warning how it should have been. Call people cock suckers and ass blowers all you want when its on topic and “warranted”. Physical threats on a post dont allow for us to gauge seriousness effectivly so for your sake and ours keep them out of the threads as well. Do it again, and then your banned for a certain ammount of time.

John Im sure your going to get pissed at first over my actions. I also bet you will understand them once ya simmer down. lol

Back on topic. Fucking quit all the nonsense and for fucks sake lets get this ball rolling in the right direction again. WHAT WILL MAKE THIS PLACE BETTER. POST A SUGGESTION OR STFU.

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the same reason anyone here is.

Automotive shit groups us all together. Plan and simple. Doesnt matter if you currently own a Kia , a stock F150, 8 sec Z06, or 32 hot rods. Doesnt matter if you HAD whatever car ya had way back when. Doesnt matter how much or how little ya know OR THINK YOU KNOW about automotive shit. Nobody here has any more or any less of a RIGHT to be a member or voice their opinion how they see fit.

Remember racehatchpumpkinfucker… that dip shit brought alot of awesome content to the site, and real life lol’s within a 40 mile radius of us. lol

Who the fuck cares who shows up here and posts whatever. the BEST part of Shift is its LOCALLY BASED. Making the odds of meeting some dip shit, seeing them on the local news for wrecking a car, or even tracking down auto theft and putting them behind bars BECAUSE it was discussed here, is why Shift is fuckin awesome and why we are all here.


+rep kk


Stopped reading after “unbanned”.



Did you forget your reading glasses, or the bag of fucks you were suposed to give today. hahahah




Character limits on all posts. :wink:


I’m just gonna ban him again ! Just to piss his old ass off .


Lold at both of those posts. Do it after he tries to make fun of someone again.


Please Do I’m out. If 57 is old you all must be in your 20s and I thought this was a car site and now I realize it is all about crying. Krazy Kid you are cool and know your shit. The rest of you are like little bitches and cry about everything. See if mommy can wipe your ass for you. Hope i didn’t offend anyone I was just having fun with you. Back in the old timers day it was called a RANK OUT. But now a days it is called BANNED. Oh that hurts me so much and I dont no what I will do. If I really wanted to stay on here I would just come back as someone else. But there is like no chance of that happening. So if you ban me its ok I bet I wont loose any sleep or even care. By the way this is the only site I have seen that even allows swearing. So that tells me something right there that it is very immature to begin with. I go through life in a professional matter and never have to swear to get my point across to my employees. Again sorry if I offended you. Peace I’m out




Last pro-tech post reminded me of this.


Oh well. There goes that.