what the hell happened to this place? (Update Post #111)


oh boy fucking here comes the tough guy speech… Every time smh


eat shit pro-fag


I would but you beat me to it Big Dog Shit Kissing Jerk-off Chris…Your still a faggot…And I heard you love to suck cock…

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Hey ASS VENT BLOWER,Looking back through this thread and almost every post you have ever posted…You must be a real tough guy…You use the FUCK word in almost all your posts…


Hmmmmm ass vent blower… Sounds exotic… Might wanna patent that FUCKING idea sounds like a winner.


Loving this. Reps


guy can’t even spell you’re* correctly


either old senile alzheimers patient…or a 10 year old foreigner trying to figure out how curse words work, im just waiting for the standard, “i fucked your mom”, retardation to begin.


this is fucking awesome.


Ah, the good ol days


Nothing like an old man threatening to beat you up. You’re all bark guy. Your reaction proves exactly what I was thinking anyway. Another thing old guys like to say is “better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re stupid than open it and prove it.”

Either you’re the only teenager in this thread or you really have forgotten everything you say you have lol.


You’re still a Faggot…Capital ASS…Nothing has changed there…You better stop or I’ll tell Mom…What candy ass shit on this site… It’s got to be the stupidest web site I have ever scene…It should be renamed to BULL-SHIT518…If there isn’t a bunch of bull-shit on here no one is happy…I love it keep it coming…And now it is back to what it use to be…Awsome…

BDS or Big Dick Sucker…If you fucked my Mom I would have a retarded brother or sister…But if you want to go dig her up have at it…It brings a whole new perspective to grave robber…But I wouldn’t put it passed you…So now we will have to find a new name for you…DMF or Dead Mother Fucker…




Ass Vent Blower,Whats the matter Mommy not home to read to you…Are the words to big for you…Give me a break


I feel bad for you to be completely honest. it appears as though you have little to no understanding of the english language, a conclusion that i came to after seeing your constant misuse of words, and inability to complete a sentence without at least oneawkwardpause

on another note back to my earlier question: are you a 90 year old alzheimers patient who wandered out of the nursing home and stumbled upon shift518? or an immigrant with little to no english speaking abilities?


1085 veiws and counting this site is still alive…It has just got some lazy assed people on it…


You keep saying ass vent blower like that’s an insult haha. Sounds like something in a Bugatti. Might be a solid cure for swamp ass


Bill, I used to think you were an old dude but now I think you’re 15. How old are you?

checked you profile, 57.


okay okay okay… so ‘this’ is what you guys ‘want’ or is this a like a bad conversation now?


Well, Big Dick Sucker, If I wanted an english lesson I wouldn’t have come to Bullshit 518. And I would be back in college listening to all the Professor’s boring me to death. But I will go back to school if it makes you happy. Ok? But I want to go to KrazyKids school. Ok? No I am not an immigrant but I wish I were because then I could have free health insurance, food stamps, and spending money all on the hard working American citizens. So get off your high horse and eat shit. If I want to spell correctly or use proper grammer I wouldn’t be on an internet site. With all the stupid ass words people make up. Like str8, tldr, BDSKJ etc…So kiss my hard working ass you fucking dweeb…


This went from how old are you to talking about free health insurance and food stamps?! Hahahaha wtf you can’t make this shit up