When one plug isn't enough


Oh my God…

I want this car…

2 plugs per cylinder lol


Wow, that’s HOT!!!

:drool: uuggghhh I want a 911 turbo, to bad they cost too much to fix and mod.

slant nose > any other porsche styling

damn thats fucking hot


nice car, but the pancake seats have to go. I dont care if it has part of the harness hidden under it, it looks ugly. Atleast it could have been black to match the seats.

very hot car.

I agree completely… the hidden harness part is an awesome idea, but in black leather it’d contribute to keeping the car looking as clean as it does.

As far as the ignition, is that a stock setup, or aftermarket?

Definitely love the dual plug idea… Hemispherical combustion chambers… pshhhh whatever… just get 2 plugs.

mmmmmmmm, pancakes…overall 930s are hot!!!


damn thats fucking baller

On another note that car is :pimp:, the harness covers look like <some took a> crap though. But still that car deserves a :tup: sweet ride.

91-94 4-cyl ford ranger must be exotic too. :slight_smile:


omg … a dyno report from a dynomometer ??? holy shit man !

hot car tho :slight_smile:

crazy hot
i agree about the pancakes, i had to do a double take

yea these cars are very hot and very fast. my buddys dad has a car very similar to this on might be a different year but has the slant nose. definetly gets heads turning no matter where it is

werd. Many applications out there that have 2-plugs per cylinder