when you quote

When you quote a post that has a picture in it, it shows the picture instead of showing the VB code and the link to the pic.

a) it takes up too much space
b)its hard to copy and past if you want to transfer the post you made to another board after you typed out mad links with vb code then you go to edit it (so you can copy it) and it shows up as pictures and not words.

thats my rant for the day

You need to switch your settings in your profile :slight_smile:

Go to UserCP -> Edit Options

Scroll to bottom: Miscellaneous Options

Change the message editor from WSYIWYG to Standard Editor

… then stop ranting :stuck_out_tongue:

And who told you where to find that…??? :slight_smile:

omg thank you … i was gonna make a post of this because the pics screw w/ my cursor , making it hard to scroll in the edit window when ive got a large pic in the window …


Me, because I’m S-M-R-T ? :roll:


you are a forum n00b :stuck_out_tongue: