Where to cash a check?

Im going on a road trip next week, I get my check thurs night (post dated for fri), and will be leaving at like 5am friday, so I cant go to my bank. But I need to get the check cashed. Anyone know where I can do this? Wegmans does, but only up to $500. Thanks!


it sucks that you dont have direct deposit.

what bank do you belong to… you can always deposit it in the atm late thursday night. it hsoudl hit you account friday am.

I have first Niagara, and I do have direct deposit, but it starts on the next billing cycle :frowning:

They just put in a new ATM near me, maybe ill see if they can take the checks. Thanks!!!

what bank are the checks drawn on? they have to cash them there


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Yup, I have done this in the past before I got DD

I used to have charter one, and it takes them almost 4 days to clear a check (even pay checks)…I have even deposited the check, spent my 200 dollar overdraft protection and then the check cleared and payed it off.


No hsbc banks in ohio/western pa.


My work does, but not sure how much.