Where to get my suspension TUNED!?

Hey, I need to find a shop who has experience tuning coilovers with a fully adjustable rear end including aftermarket multilink set, coilovers, etc…

I dont want to take it to someone who will simply align my car without knowing the basics of tuning camber/caster/etc on aftermarket suspension.

Any input on some good shops?


Ryan Hansen

I have used Thrifty Auto Service in the past. They are good guys, might be a bit expensive but they did work on my cars in the past and I have had no complaints. Talk to Darcy he will help you out.

That’s where I work, lol. Ya Darcy is the bossman, he can help.

where is thrifty auto service? and what am I looking at ballparked?

156st and 116ave, just look for the big muffler. You’ll have to talk to Darcy, I’m pretty sure something like that would be just straight time on the rack.

You may want to try Eurasia Auto.

Their focus is european cars, so I can’t guarantee they won’t “snear” at our Nissans, but they work on a lot of the Porcshe and BMW club member cars, many of whom have race-prepped cars to various degrees.