Who has a Tech II?

So I had my PCM reflashed with a new program and it throws an SES, which is normal… They say just go to the dealership and tell them you have DTC P1336, and get a case learn (crank positioning)…

The dealer wants $70 to do this, though… It seemed expensive to me… Does that sound right?

8.1crew does

errrr i can scan obdii… is that what you’re asking for?

The DTC is P1336, “which calls for a case learn” blah, blah… I’m sure you know what I’m talking about… i dont need the pcm reflashed, though, since i got it reprogrammed

Are you able to do the Crank Position case learn thing?
If so, how much do to it? send thru pm if ya want

Cranks shaft position relearn… what kind of car? takes 10 mins!! tops.
car just gotta be warmed up thats all. If you up near wexford at all i can do it for you for free. just would have to be an evening or a saturday.

there u go,he’s closer to u!

Yeah thatd be awesome I have a 2000 grand am #1 cochran wants $70 to do it, which is ridiculous… i told them it didnt take long, but they just want thier 70

evenings or saturday would be perfect i live near the mall at robinson, so wexford is max 20 mins from here.