Who Says Evo's are Heavy...


"I believe the Evo 1-3, are the best platforms in 4-Cyl AWD Racing.

All the early Evos racing, are very VERY light.

Zohebs car weighs exactly 2024lbs with driver and fuel, car has 720hp at engine tuned on engine-dyno.

Andres car has around 850 @ crank and weighs around 2000-2050 race ready.

I would love to see what youre engine can do in an early Evo at 2000lbs http://www.teamnabr.com/ubb/smile.gif

180mph traps shouldn’t be impossible.

As an example, my car ran 10.52 with 1.49 60-foot
last year with 400whp."

ok… so who wants to help me strip my dsm down 1200lbs. i figure i can go on a diet and lose say 600lbs or so, but where are we gonna find the other 600lbs from :gotme:

1.49 60’ time is disgusting btw. i wonder what kind of g-force that puts on the driver???

It will be a frame and Scott or Dan driving with 2 wheels on Fred Flintsone Powa!!

where did you pirate this info from :wink:

sign me up!

any car CAN be light, after hacking the fuck out of it

Ummm…No where… :wink:

damn that is light. The TSX Grand Am car is right around 2600 (down from mid 3000’s) and I dont know what else could be removed from that car.

Evos have definitely picked up some weight since then Matt. My car with a full tank and me has to be hitting 3500. Why were the old ones so much lighter?

No amenities, completely gutted interiors, no sound deadening, removed body parts, no safety stuff (minus roll cage)…

I hope to get mine below 3800 this year.

Even a stripped Evo8 is not going to be 2000lbs my friend… That’s 1350lbs it would have to lose and that is pretty much impossible from the newer generation of Evo.

I wasn’t insiuating that an evo8 can weigh that little, I was just mentioning certain factors that count towards it’s Sam-like weight.

The real secret is eating less pasta

Its true… an EVOVIII will probably never weight sub 2500lbs… thats crazy talk

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seriously, 2000lbs for an awd sedan is ridiculously light. there has to be a lot of carbon fiber and fiberglass involved in that, as well as aluminum. probably not too much steel left on that car.

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id like to lose 1350lbs in my car

thatd be the sickness

hey my dad’s camaro has a 1.17 60ft time and let me tell u its crazyyyyyyy. At the end of one race he was driving me around the track and then he stopped and got on the 2 step and launched. Damn. my head hit the seat so hard. i sued him for whip lash. lol j/k fun ride though