why cant i be stupid?

how fucking hard is it to not put tomatoes on a sandwich when i ask for no tomatoes, and i am the only fucking customer?

apparently this is harder than i think it is.

it amazes me how much people fuck up, and how often people let it slide. if i fuct up as many times a day, or in the same proportion with my job as these asshats making my sandwich i would have no job.

why is this sandwich maker held to a different/lesser standard?

this type of shit has been happening around me more and more often lately. and if i do point out that someone has done something wrong, so that it can be corrected they get shitty, or choose to ignore me.

i have decided to no longer tolerate ignorance, and if you ask for help or an opinion and then proceed to argue with it (when i know i am right) you will be verbally abused.

i find this is an issue with the younger crowd. i dont remember being that ignorant when i was younger.

anywho, i thin ninja has a great idea about 86ing the stupid people at birth. maybe not everyone should have the right to life.

getting paid $5 an hour allows you certain liberties to fuck up

getting paid $15+ does not allow you those liberties


not tru im fucking up right now by surfing while im working. where was the place that fucked up?

I’m in the 15+ group… and I fuck up a lot…


But thats exactly what I was going to say. You want more money? Take on more responsibility

yeah, you just have to keep in mind that is why they work where they work…
if they were intelligent at all they wouldn’t be flipping burgers at BK

thats the thing, they dont even need to think. they are told what to do, and then its right there on a fucking screen in front of them. yet they still manage to fuck up. honestly, they should not get paid, but they should pay out… they should pay everyone that has to be in contact with their retarded asses.

haha, i like getting shitty when people f up my shit… i mean their jobs aren’t particularly demanding or anything

they arent paid enough to give a shit.



Other than that, Yeah I hate stupid people too.

hey, ignorance is bliss…right

I went into subway and ordered a turkey sub…or should I say a lettuc sandwich with a little turkey…I said “go light on the lettuce” so the girl with the glazed look in her eyes started throwing handful after handful of lettuce on my sub…I said “that’s enough” which to her meant “one more handful”…I was pissed…so I bought my sub, walked over to the garbage and proceeded to pull a couple handfulls of lettuce off my sub and throw them out. The girl watched me in amazement…I said “see what you just wasted?” She opened her mouth but no words came out…apparently they have not trained her how to talk yet, so I guess it’s not her fault.

Jared can eat my crank


this is the first time i have laughed today


Not everyone can be a rocket scientist… we need janitors too

Why don’t you just man up and eat the tomatos



you got pwned by GTPKid

I don’t even bother asking for no tomatos… 50% of the time it gets fucked up at Wendy’s and I have to remove them anyway. It’s a pain in the ass but obviously ZD is having a day of irks…

thats it, you guys are going on my list

and the last place you want to be when i rule the world, is on my list.

i didnt get pwned.
i just let it slide.
i could have pointed out that it was probably him that put the toms on my sandwich…
when i rule the world i will be wearing a slivergtp coat :wink:

next time throw them at the window… my dad taught me that at a very young age

This is very funny as I got my Mighty Taco today, asked for no fooking tomatoes and got them anyways, fooking retards, I hate tomatoes. I had the same frustration today, funny shit.


Does anyone here actually like tomatos on thier tacos/sandwiches/burgers? If so, please make yourself known so Zer0DazE can cap your ass…