why is boston going to really suck now??

cus manny ramirez is about to jump ship :eek:



i saw it on sprots center…
i cant find a link…

sports center said he is requesting a trade for the third year in a row…

i guess he is not happy in boston, i mean who would be :stuck_out_tongue:

I know he wants to finish his career in NY (whichever team that may be…) HAHA!!

mp3 player sunglasses 4L

Haha. If he went to a ny team, I hope he goes to the mets. I would not want him playing for the yankees. he can join pedro.

manny = :tdown: ever since he sold out and left cleveland

laziest player EVER!!!

You stupid WNY hillbillies…

Manny does this every year.

It won’t even be considered before the off season, and after this year he has trade protection.


Even if he did leave, I’m sure we could find some highschooler to play left field as well as he does some times :mamoru:

lol, anybody with an ounce of energy can play better than manny in the outfield.

the idiot almost missed the start of an inning last week cause he was in the scorebored, what a dummy.


When ya gotta go… ya gotta go :stuck_out_tongue: