Why would somebody bother...


I really like the “twin fair” reference, as my mom mentions it nearly every day.

god i can’t wait to move away

hahahaha… so true.


Another strange linguistic trait among Buffalonians is the “posessification” of many business names, where it is changed to the posessive case. For example, it’s common to hear Buffalonians refer to “Rite Aid’s,” “Kmart’s” or “Noco’s,” as if there’s a “Mr. Noco” that owns the gas station chain. In some cases a business name is shortened and the posessive case added, for instance Blockbuster Video becomes “Blockbuster’s,” and La Nova Pizzeria changes to simply “Nova’s.”

Or… “Barnes and Nobles”… there isn’t an S on Noble, damnit.

and you’d think that the person who was writing the guide to buffalo english would check his spelling, but hey, it’s buffalo. possessive is spelled incorrectly, but I like it that this person made up the word “posessification”

I don’t think anyone in Buffalo speaks or annunciates like the way this article says. It more or less sounds like a boston accent.

I have never heard anyone call a Black Pot a Black Pat here.

He quoted his own word so I suppose all is fine in the land of poor writing.

It’s like I could right a whole book even though I know I don’t write particularly well, as long as I just put quotations around the entire thing.