Will this help me at all? *PICS* (I love 56k!)


Figured I would post up some pictures of this…I think it should make some decent power on my car? We’ll see I guess. Not a ball-bearing, but it was a steal of a deal which I could not pass up.




what exactly is it?

not a precision turblow is it?

what are you doing with the stock turbo :headbang: i got dibs yo!!!

looks like a super 60…nice

Oh nice… we’ll need to run again :tup:

Its a Precision 56mm SC34 turbo

Onyx, we’ll see. That thing isnt going on anytime soon. Still gotta map out my path, and see what is the best way to go about reaching my goals. :slight_smile:

What are your goals?

400 whp, and good driveability would be nice. There is some lag on this turbo (compared to stock), so Im looking into some cams, but the aftermarket cam gears for the SRT-4 are supposively not the greatest :frowning:

Depends on alot of things. I wouldnt mind buying a house sometime soon, maybe moving closer to work.

why not a disco potato or something like that?

I dunno…I was just sitting down and eating chicken and swiss chalet sauce, and I had some visions :smiley:

how about 400whp and some traction :wink:

yes…it would be nice to have RWD or AWD :mad:

Im working on picking up some DR’s or Slicks soon.

upgrade… u’ll be able to get to work faster without being closer :slight_smile:

:tup: lookin good, precision is good stuff

cool alternator mang! lol

looks exactly like something my buddy picked up off ebay, hes had no probs yet

Hot. Lag for tracion, top end for action.

we need to get in a clean race before this upgrade… on video.

:tup: :slight_smile:

pssssssssssssssht pssssssssssht