Winter audio project

This winter I decided to work on the audio system in the Evo and decided to share what’s goin on. while it seems to be random parts, it is, because i got what i could find on sale (after thanksgiving online sales are great for buying a little something something for yourself), or happened to land in my lap through other people.

Pioneer AVH-P5700DVD DVD Headunit with 7" touch screen

Pioneer CD-IB 100II AV Components, allows ipod control from head unit,2076_310069876_307492523,00.html

Sony Xplod Dual 12" Ported Enclosed Subs

Alpine Type-R Component Speakers

subs+evos = wtf

If you need any help in deciding on what to go with, drop me an email or stop by.


not to mention if you need any fiberglass work done, I know alot of people that do it. (Reasonable prices)

Good luck with the project :bigthumb:

Just get one JL audio 12. Save you some space and will be better in the long run

Why would you put shitty subs in an evo?? One 10" that all you need

o btw Sony xplod=junk

If you can buy them at Wal-mart, you don’t want them.

the subs fell into my lap from someone who pulled them out of there car. Obviously they pulled em out for a reason, but for now i can’t afford to actually buy any. but from all of your input, maybe i’ll just leave em up for now

Sonys subs are not that bad…I messed with them all and if your not looking to shake the ground they are fine…

If they were free, that’s different.

I agree…Ive heard two 12"s powered by the Sony 1200 watt amp…Sounds decent for a Wal Mart system…