WNY Real Estate

Whats with the pillow & lamp pics?

I believe this was professionally “staged”. So, it’s meant to attract the best Canadian buyers.

definitely missed the peak of the market but we’ll see what happens. takes time to properly manage tenants and renos.

hey kiddos, what is the market feeling like there this week? :slight_smile:

we have now accepted an offer on our other property, set to close in late Oct.

I see very little new inventory coming on the market in WNY in the last several days and i also see asking prices that do not refelct the recent and forecasted increases in interest rates.

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Congrats :+1:

Keep in mind closing in NY can take forever. My last mortgage was 3 months, but it was mid pandemic.

I’ve tracked some sales for my sister and most closings I’ve been seeing have been about 2-2.5 months from contract to close. Mine took 2 months, also mid pandemic.

this one is interesting… listed at $1.25m in Sept, 2021… then down to $980k, then $875k, now $748k and open to offers… i hope this keeps happening :slight_smile:

lol @ “some photos have been virtually staged”

I bet virtually staged means that they changed the paint, updated the appliances etc. and turned it into a “your home could look like this…”

If you have to, you could overnight parts from Japan.

Man, those are some very photoshopped photos. I’d be curious how bad the interior actually is that they chose to do that with a $500k+ home in a good neighborhood.

yeah $18k in taxes per year can eat a d1ck tho!

If you’re going to spend that much on a house in NY that’s about what you’re going to pay in taxes. +/- a few thousand depending on township, but it’s gonna be high no matter where in NY.

yeah seems like it.

there also seems to be way more supply and far better (lower) prices in the rochester area… but taxes also feel like htey are a bit higher out there.

Yeah but then you’re near…Rochester.

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I feel like prices are starting to come back down a little.

This just went up near me, I’ll be curious to see what it fetches: 3857 Wildwing Drive, Wheatfield, NY 14120 | B1432550 | HUNT Real Estate

Clarence is your best bet for taxes in Erie county if you want to be close to civilization. Not that they’re low, but similar homes in Williamsville are around 3-$4000 more per year.

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definitely hoping so.

i’m still trying to find a bank that will do US lending to a Canadian. I suspect i’ll have to pick up a couple investment properties first to build up a better tax history. We shall see.

Yep. The only drawbacks are typically no sewage, no local police(upside?) and limted city water. Basements are harder to come by too. But I only pay $6k a year for what would cost me $20k a year in OP or amherst.

whatcha’ll know about this joint?

Its right around the corner from me. Nice area. Its not very visible if your driving by, I wouldn’t want to put a business there that required car traffic to drive sales.