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I drove by that place and while the house & garage are superb, there almost no road frontage at all. The driveway squeaks in between 2 other properties and the land placement wasn’t that great. I’m sure some may disagree with me, but for 1/2M, I want more road frontage and land.

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reasonable, just bear in mind that $500k is the new $350k though. :slight_smile:

This just got listed on my route. Only thing I hate is the gravel driveway:

and 1M is the new 500k. FML.

Makes up for it with the she shed.

The cabana building next to the pool is nice. @bing your two boys could live in there just like Will & Carlton from Fresh Prince.

its not bad but you know my wife will want more than what that has to offer. we’d be an all cash buyer for something like this so we’d want ‘more’.

thoughts on this? neighbourhood?

i have seen a few in that general area that check a lot of the boxes.

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Great neighborhood. 1.5 miles from my house. That’s going to be Heim Middle school and North High. I ride my bike around that neighborhood a lot. Houses are going to be Williamsville close together though unlike the places you’ve been posting out in Boston. Close to 290/990, close to shopping on both Transit and NFB. You’ll end up like me, complaining about traffic any time you have to drive south of Main between 4pm and 7pm, and basically just stop doing it because everything you need is north of Main. :slight_smile:

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Solid neighborhood

Looks like Mr Belvedere from American Pie.

Excellent neighborhood and there is a cool “car guy” at the dead end section with some serious pro-touring type cars in one of his garages. You’ll be besties in no time.

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Phew, I just make enough after 10 years teaching!

Not even 2 people making 51k can afford a new home. No fuckin way.


yeah that’s prob just the mortgage and not the running costs, upkeep and then living a normal life on top of that.

probably also assumes 20% down

Don’t forget taxes lol

I bought my house in 2015 for $91.5k, every single house on my block has sold for over $180k+ in the last two years. There’s no way I would’ve been able to afford this.

this should go here too;


we’re listing our other place next week. will share details as they materialize.