WNY Real Estate

My buddy is going to look at it I think Saturday.

I sent this to my wife yesterday. My camper would look great in that garage! I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes for $500k+. Also, a few of our camper friends live right around that area and I grew up just down the road. Not a bad spot by any means!

I’m also really curious to see what this actually sells for. 99% sure that $399 asking price is intended to create a bidding war and it will go for much more than that. The market is starting to cool a bit though with the interest rate hikes.

lol. I used to GO camping at the campgrounds near there.

That house is nice and had me thinking of what I could get for mine.

My friend just experienced this. House was listed low to attract bids. Only 3 people put in offers, his was slightly below asking with escalation clause. Another bid was over asking. Seller took none of the offers, lol.

There was an interview on the radio a few weeks ago from a real estate dude who said pricing low is a shitty move by shitty agents. But that’s one opinion.

I got the update from a neighbor. 20 offers, accepted one with no inspection, no contingencies, all cash for $370k. Didn’t seem like a shitty realtor move for them. :wink: There was a 390 offer but it had some contingencies and they were concerned the financing wouldn’t go through so they took the sure thing.

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When I sold my 1st house, I had multiple offers, both over asking and both had hand written notes basically begging me to sell them my house. When the potential buyers were touring my house, I had my security cameras on :snky:

While we were waiting for the tour to be over, I overheard one set of buyers talking to their agent about how much cash down they had and that there was more if needed. The other couple actually mentioned they were barely approved and had limited cash to put down. I reviewed their terms and was concerned that their offer was so high, the appraisal wouldn’t fly and they had no cash to put down, forcing me to accept a lower offer from them to get the bank to approve the deal.

I went with the buyers who had extra cash and accepted their offer.

Higher offers don’t always pan out if the buyers can’t back it up, especially now that the underwriting terms are about to tighten up big time!

LOL… is that even legal?

EDIT: So yeah, I looked… it’s definitely not. 1 party consent rule in NY and you had the consent of neither party in that convo. If it was just video without audio it’s completely legal.

EDIT2: FFS… why must I be such a legal hobbyist. So edit 1 got me thinking about how a Ring doorbell would be technically illegal since it records video and audio without consent. And sure enough, yeah, it is.

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Oops, I guess I was just monitoring my own property when I happened to overhear the conversation.

Maybe people should be more careful what they say when on someone else’s property?

This part is interesting: “Unless you are deliberately using a recording for exploitive or commercial purposes, you face little risk of facing charges for violating wiretapping laws through your everyday use of a doorbell camera.”

I wouldn’t say I was using my camera for the exploitative purpose…I was using it to protect my property and just so happened to overhear their conversation.

Oh well, sue me @JayS

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Don’t forget to Sue Amazon if a visitor to your house gives Alexa a command.
It is recorded and he/she/they/shim would not have consented to the original TOC

Gotta imagine that if a case ever went to court the argument would fall into the world of reasonable expectation of privacy and such

Funny story to add. His dad and I play poker routinely. He and his wife moved into a little patio home near me about a year or so ago. Nice place, no grass cutting, plowing, etc. Relatively new. Wife gets a bug in her ass a wants to move back into their old neighborhood. Wife finds a house and my buddy really isnt on board with it. Finally caves just tonshut her cock holster. They buy it, no inspection, and move in a couple weeks ago.

Opens the dishwasher and it face plants on the kitchen floor. Takes a shower and someone downstairs mentions water on the kitchen floor. Owner had a leak in the new shower pan. Cut out rhe wet drywall as big as an HVAC vent cover, stuffed in some fiberglass insulation, painted it white, and installed HVAC cover to conceal the issue.

Will most likely be replacing the entire shower setup…and now wondering what else is lurking in the “Money Pit”. He’s a smart retired businessman and should’ve known better than to skip the inspection.

jay this isnt the home in holland with the big garage you’re talking about here right?

No, that’s why I quoted myself. This is the update on the one just up the street from me that listed at 289.

@tpgsr is a top notch home inspector I believe.

So I went golfing with my buddys brother today and I guess that house in Holland went for 501k.

That actually makes me happy, because at $399 I was tempted to sell my place here in Williamsville and start dealing with that commute. At a cool half mil I’m far less likely to do something stupid like that. 2 minute commute FTW.

even $501k is not bad for that…

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My buddy ended up buying it.

wow 501k, I wonder if it will appraise that high but the garage will help a lot.