Words of Wisdom From Me

RuBiCaNT5X: You can’t throw out a plant because it doesn’t grow but at the same time don’t give it hardly any sunlight…
sprocketbash411: lol.
sprocketbash411: im gonna post that
sprocketbash411: and ruin your tough guy image
sprocketbash411: lol

and to continue:

RuBiCaNT5X: i just can’t help it dude.
sprocketbash411: help what?
RuBiCaNT5X: i just… cry…
RuBiCaNT5X: like, all the time.
RuBiCaNT5X: i listen to dashboard confesional
RuBiCaNT5X: and just cry.
RuBiCaNT5X: sorry for making fun of you for being emo…
sprocketbash411: it’s alright dude
sprocketbash411: just
sprocketbash411: do me a favor
sprocketbash411: and stop being such a wussy emo faggot toucher.

stop abusing plants you fucker

RuBiCaNT5X: You got it man…
sprocketbash411: can i touch your butt
RuBiCaNT5X: Umm, you are kind of freaking me out…
sprocketbash411: i think you have a really nice ass
sprocketbash411: i dream about it and then touch myself when i wake up with varnished mohogany
RuBiCaNT5X Signs Off

RuBiCaNT5X Signs On
RuBiCaNT5X: Sorry about that…
sprocketbash411: ???
RuBiCaNT5X: yeah, i was getting a little too furious. spilled… the lube all over the keyboard.
RuBiCaNT5X: im on your sisters comp now.
RuBiCaNT5X: it smells really good in here…
RuBiCaNT5X: OMG your sister leaves her dirty underwear all over her room.
RuBiCaNT5X: it smells really good in here…
RuBiCaNT5X: it smels really godd in here…
RuBiCaNT5X: it smells REALLY good in here…
sprocketbash411: um, matt, you are my favorite person in the world
sprocketbash411: kinda weirding me out that you didn’t ask me to hump your ass
Auto response from RuBiCaNT5X: be back in 5 minutes… :snky:

sprocketbash411: i miss your touch…
sprocketbash411: when you touched me back there…
sprocketbash411: no one has ever done that before
sprocketbash411: OOPS sorry wrong IM

Jokes on you Newman, I don’t have a sister… HAHHAHAH…

sprocketbash411: did you ever creep into your mom’s room and crawl under the covers and pretend to be your dad
sprocketbash411: i snuggled up to her and she was rubbing my junk, it felt sooo good, like when i listen to my favorite depressing emo-kiddie rock
RuBiCaNT5X: That’s fucking gross…
sprocketbash411: i will put it in your ass when you aren’t looking at taffys next sunday
sprocketbash411: i mean my tongue
sprocketbash411: i think i am going to rape darkkstar right now i will see you later sugarbum

quit editing my posts pussy.