work, work, work........

get here at 8:30am ( okay decent start time ) then I practically die at my desk starving because my lunch doesn’t start till 2:30pm then I’m off at 5… go home ( be happy )…have couple hrs to myself, then the whole damn process happens all over again.

Okay…okay …thats not that bad I know…BUT for the total of 8 hours that I’m here, all I think about is LEAVING. I sit on the internet and just play but ( that is totally against policy) PLUS…I have no motivation to work anymore…Is it time for or a new job??? Am I just getting to comfortable here ( I’ve have been here for 1.5yrs) GOD, I HATE BEING HERE!!!

Pro’s: pay for my schooling…good benefits…decent pay…my job is cake!!

MY QUESTION TO YOU: Is it just me or do you get this way at jobs too??? ***I was never like this when I started here.

ha! I’ve been at my job for 2 weeks and I fucking hate it. It’s good money, but I could’ve done work like this when I was 10 years old it’s so damn easy. I’d take waiting tables full time over this… (and I’d make a lot more waiting tables). I have a guaranteed job waiting tables at a very upscale place… they won’t hire me though unless I can work lunches. It’s VERY VERY tempting.

It’s not just you… I’m so used to doing a million things (the last job I had, I did the jobs of 3 people) that if I don’t have a million things to do, I’m bored as hell.

I hate going to work and look forward to leaving as soon as I get here, but it’s something that has to be done. A new job would help this feeling for a little bit, but not too long. I want a job where I can sit at home and play with my kids all day and get paid 100k/year, that would be sweet.

I feel the same exact way. I mean EXACTLY! I dont know wtf to do. I think i came to a conclusion, that once you do it for awhile it gets dull. Then pretty much your gonna want to leave just like last time. I dunno though im so tired of the same sh*t everyday, i need a change soon.

Everyone gets tired of their job. Thats just how work is.

I know it …it just sucks, I mean there has to be someone out there enjoying what their doing…RIGHT?? I really hate the fact that I’m 22 and have the rest of my life ahead of me and already hate work. I figure after school maybe it will be better…goodness what it if never gets better??:eek4:

Depends on the job. My 2nd job I didn’t get the bug until after 4 years. My current job I love, but I have only been here since March. I have no issue changing jobs every 5-7 years :slight_smile:

Im only 21 and from what I hear it doesn’t…

it doesn’t get any better. I’m 23 and I have worked with a lot of people who changed jobs a lot, and it really doesn’t.

Running your own business, FTW! At least that’s what I’m hoping in the next couple years.

i’m 29 and feel the same way :frowning:

Heh, Call center jobs arent bad for lack of geting bored. Ive been bouced around between about 4 different departments. Just got moved to supporting Apple Desktops. Intresting but the same as everything else. Oddly people arent as assholic as you would think. Most are just as dumb as your underaveraged PC users lol. Im bored as hell here sometimes… Not supposed to be on the net either… but all the people here that are my “Bosses” ive been friends with since I started. I get away with alot lol

I think my main problem is, once I get into what I do, its just repitition everyday, and after that, it gets boring. Changing jobs every 5-7 years may be good, but is there room for advancement where you work. Longevity in a career more then moving around every few years would be more important to me.

I think that would probably be the only way. But that would have to get crazy stressful at times. Think it would be worth it though…

since there paying for your school and everything i’d stick it out…but once your schooling is done find something better and that you like. but good luck with that

I have plenty of room to grow here. I think it may take some time to find the right line of work you want. I read an article once that said it’s normal for people out of college to change their job 3-5 times within the first 5-7 years I think. I knew I wanted to be a trainer, so I finally found out that I wanted to train adults. But then I wanted to take a stab at management - so that is what I am doing now while focusing on cool projects. There is a lot of variety so it’s nice.

Of course it would get stressful, but think about it. Whenever you are having a shitty shitty day, you can just go home! No one to report to, no one to fire you. As long as you don’t make it a regular practice, your business will thrive. (Well, that depends on a lot of factors, but I think you get the idea). Show up at 10AM, hell, make the hours 10 - 6. Vacation? Just take one! Hell, take a vacation on the company (my last boss did it all the damn time).

As long as you chose something for your business that you actually enjoy and that other people need/enjoy, how bad can it possibly be?

not as simple as it sounds. i take a day off it takes a few days to make it up then. not really a vacation if you have to work longer to make up the off day. But you are right it has to be something that you enjoy.

Being an owner of a business has alot more responsibilities then you may think Jenn. From insurance, to employees, to stability, and alot more. It’s all up to you. Sure, you can go home at the end of the day, but what about tomorrow?

but if it’s something that you TRULY enjoy, then even though you are working, it’s just like free time, don’t you think?

I suppose it depends on the business. :slight_smile:

i do really enjoy my job… but i was a wreck at my last one… things go up and down… it’s typical. don’t jump ship until you have a good plan ahead of you (as in, already offered a new job!) oh and you can’t touch free shcooling… some jobs offer percentages and normally no assistance at all!!! hold onto that… i went from non-profit to profit and my school per credit doubled!!! my debt piled up more in one semester tahn it did in a year! so, after looking back, i still would of moved forward, but the schooling assistance was a huge factor.