Would you fuck conjoined twins

Why not I been with bitches the size of 2

do they take turns giving you a blow job

id smash it, but prepare for some defcon 1 type clinger shit afterwards. there’s no way they’re gonna let you ignore them after you get down with the get down

so if you knocked it up which ones the mom?

I’d maybe do their mom

? is who’s ur baby’s Dada???:eek3::burnout::boink


im the dad. adams the mom.

what makes you think I haven’t hit that shit already?

You would of posted Pics!!!:wackit:

thats what i figured!!:rofl:

I knew it!!! I thought that hair growning on your upper lip was a shadow, but now we all know

upon ruther review it seems like its one body…two heads… a bj would be fantastic…if i fucked them i’d have to make sure i had two pillows to bury both their heads into. lol

thats fucked up

Its is azn my lover ,stick with Guffey!:idb:

Ok, wait a minute. So, in that video, they had to take a driving test. They had to take it twice.

If one fails and one passes, what the fuck happens then?

Also, on another note in regards to the fucking thing. I know a set of identical twins that live a couple towns over from where I grew up. One time they got in a bad fight, and the one twin fucked the other twins boyfriend just to get back at her and get them to break up.

There is no way I’d hit those conjoined those. All the bullshit of two women with the fun of only one. That is a losing situation.

The other one gets to turn the dummy wheel that doesn’t do anything…

Already thought of that.
But i am praying daily that either can’t throw a frying pan and just injure them self :rofl:

yea you caught me on a bad day. i didnt get my wax on that day.

joe you stared at her face?