Would you have a treway with your significant other?

On one hand, it probably wouldn’t be good for the relationship. On the other hand, it’s two chicks at once. So would you take on a second chick with your steady girlfriend/fiance/wife? Would it have to be a close friend or would it have to be a random hoe?

I should vote no since this is the girl I’m marrying, but I also don’t know if I’d have the willpower not to if confronted with the real possibility of changing faces.

if you do, it will end up like on entourage… E for the win!!

Nope, and I know Mrs. JaysGreenLX wouldn’t be into it.

i know every guy dreams about it, but i def think it would be awkward with your significant other.

i wouldn’t mind it with 2 girls that i didn’t have a attachment to

mrs newman is very into it. it’s in the works. keeps things fresh.

i’m assuming this is another girl?

been there done that…dated a bi-curious girl in college…ahhh the wonder years…why did she have to move across the country

LOL…this is the first thing i thought of when i saw this thread :lolsign:

no, the first thing you thought of was 3 dudes.



If you’re into that sort of thing.

i’m sure the relationship ‘could’ survive…

unless you knock up the other chick.
that tends to get in the way.

Haha, I love how the options are pretty much YES or YES . Manlaw :headbang:

Well no dude on earth would turn down 2 random chicks. Who wouldn’t want their dick sucked and their balls licked at the same time?

The challenge is in deciding if you could fool around with your quality girl AND another broad. There are certain rules for this situation, such as you finish in your girl, not the friend/skeezer. But still. :gotme:

I did this twice with a chick i was dating for 6 years with 2 different girls which were her friends.

I got hell for it afterwards but I kept ignoring it and as time passed she got over it.

Then I broke up with her (not because of any of that) just because she was a bitch.

I see her friend pretty much every where I go and we dont even say a word to each other.

I personally wouldn’t try this with your wife or someone you intend on marrying. My .02

uh, i think the most important opiniopn is that of your significant other…

she’s prolly just testing you before she says “I do”.

I voted no, but some relationships are just really comfortable that way. Swingers for example, Germans, girls you met at AA, etc… all will be okay with it.

The three way is wild though, sometimes you can’t stick your weiner in the other girl, or sometimes you can. Sometimes you are just supposed to sit there with your dick in your hand while your girl and another just munch on carpet for a couple hours… while other times you are expected to have a consistent erection for 5 hours on end :shrug:

I wouldn’t unless the other girl was more interested in her, and if it presented itself the right way ( like joking around over a couple of drinks).

no, not if you really care about the person. i think it will lead to future problems. why risk it?

:banghead:Way to throw away the dream. :2fingers:

Oh this is purely hypothetical. I’d be more likely to drive a hybrid than to ever have to make this decision. :stuck_out_tongue: