Would you fuck conjoined twins

They are now 19
[ame=“http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkKWApOAG2g”]YouTube - Conjoined Twins, Abby & Brittany Hensel turn 16[/ame]

Which one of them feels the vagoo?

part of me says hell yeah. but the one on my shoulder says to think about it first lol.

too many unanswered questions though.

would that be considered a threesome?

jeff is a dirty man

Is it considered rape, If one girl hates you and the other loves you?
what if one was a lesbian . her partner wanted to fuck her at the same time you did.

Either way hell of a good time

HELL NO I’m gay & my lover azn danhr!

do they have 4 titties? if so then count me in, if not i’d have to reconsider.

That’s twisted…

count me in

hahaha wtf???

if your in im def in…

here yah go.

Puts a little spin on a threesome!!

:rofl: that pic is hilarious

mroe than likely would hit it.

atleast just to say i did

Haha. Two facials for the price of one.

Am I the only one thinking that’s Zaphod’s kid?

But, yeah…I’d do the two-and-a-quarter-some thing. If for no other reason than to tell the story after…

Your god damn right I’d hit that. And I’d bring a friend to help!



id take it under considerantion