WRX > Pontiac Grand Am

On an especially sexy road, at a light, July 6.

I looked over and smiled at the guy next to me and looked away. He yells something out the window, so I opened mine and asked him what he said.

“What’s up!”
“Where are you headed?”
“To O.”
“Do you have work tomorrow?”
“Must be nice. Wanna race?”
“Wanna race!”
“… uh. Sure.”
Green Light, I killed him… meaning… plain and simply, I went faster than he did to get to the next stop light, 2 blocks up. there wasn’t much else to it. I just went fast like I always do when I’m the first in line. no launch, no red line, no craziness.
heh, he asked for it.

Maybe he thought I was driving something that wasn’t a WRX.
Maybe he didn’t even try to win because he wanted me to feel special.

Next red light:
“I guess you beat me.”
“Yeah, the light was green so I went.”
“I’m color blind.”
“You must be location blind as well.”
“Wanna go for a drink?”
“At O?” shrug

and he turned off after a couple blocks.


did the license plate say my2000gt…OH WAIT U DIDNT SEE THEM U BEAT HIM

even though he initiated it

shouldnt be picking on silly grand ams

i woulda done the same though, so :tup:

That’s not fair, making dudes feel silly 'cause you got da mad fast AWD launch.


something tells me thats not the best way to try and pick up girls

Good kill :tup:

you told me this story last night. nice way to kill a mans heart.

way to represent jan

I edited the street name cause of the LAW. nice kill though :tup:

HA ha,
nice work.:wiggle:

actually there was no launch. I knew I didn’t need one…
I just started moving when the light turned green like you’re supposed to.

:c )