I just received some pricing on some more non-nissan parts… see the list below for WRX, S2000 and Lancer EVO 8/9 parts.

Prices include shipping to your door… Paypal only please.Merci

The links to the ebay store with those relevant parts are below each list. These are all grey-market asian made / imported parts.

There are other parts in the ebay stores but the quantities of those are quite low at present. If you are interested in something not on the list just let me know and i will get a quote for you.

I will be adding 350z parts and others in the not too distant future.

SUBARU Impreza WRX ----------------------------------Price / Shipped

Impreza WRX & STi + RS GD/B 02-06 Rear T-Brace-----$72.00
Impreza WRX GD/B 02-06 3" Catback Exhaust------------$250.00
Impreza GC WRX Sti 93-01 Radiator Hose kit-------------$80.00
Impreza GD WRX Sti 02-06 Radiator Hose kit ------------$80.00

[[(http://stores.ebay.com/delubozparts__W0QQ_sacatZdelubozpartsQQ_sidZ24549228?_nkw=wrx)"]WRX PARTS


S2000 Engine Torque Damper only for Without Strut Bar----$55.00
S2000 Short Shifter -----------------------------------------$75.00
S2000 GT Spec 4 Point Front Strut Bar Stainless Steel------$115.00
S2000 Chrome Steel Crossmember cover------------------- $45.00
S2000 Drive-Shaft Spacers---------------------------------$85.00
S2000 Front Roll Center Adjusters -------------------------$140.00
S2000 Rear Roll Center Adjusters---------------------------$140.00
S2000 Rear Cross Beam Bar -------------------------------$75.00
S2000 Adjustable Rear Toe Control Arms-------------------$85.00
S2000 HardRace TPV Steering Bushings -------------------$85.00


Lancer EVO-8/9 Engine Torque Dampers--------------------$75.00
Lancer EVO-8/9 Turbo Manifold ----------------------------$137.00
Lancer EVO-8/9 Turbo Outlet--------------------------------$72.00
Lancer EVO-8/9 Air Induction Hose Kit--------------------- $72.00
Lancer EVO-8/9 Aluminum Radiator-------------------------$150.00
Lancer EVO-8/9 Radiator Hose kit-------------------------- $75.00

[URL="http://stores.ebay.com/delubozparts__W0QQ_sacatZdelubozpartsQQ_sidZ24549228?_nkw=evo"]EVO PARTS


Got my evo o2 housing today for a :snky: price
fitment is great, all the holes line up on the o2housing and the turbo exhaust housing
it’s pretty decent quality, looks the same on the outside as a more expensive unit like a buschur or whatever (which are all 200$+)

i also dropped it on the floor when i took it out of the box and it didnt break so i guess that’s nice lol :slight_smile:

i took pics but i cant find my cord to upload them, so when i do ill post how well it fits

thanks again bing

surprised more people havent taken advantage of this…

offers valid unless the parts go on back order.

Sup bing
Could you tell me who makes the ETD and short shifter for my 2000 s2k?

replied to your pm brother man.

some dudes name Chan or Toan or Suy Woo Kim make the parts…

they sit on old wooden ergonomically incorrect chairs with towel sleeves and dish-mittens prepping intake piping:


and used the latest and state of the art welding equipment and safety garb in what are clearly cutting edge facilities


these dudes are straight out of awesometown on the baddest work-bus

buy parts now

So any warranty with the parts?
Or probably not

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Also interested in 4 point front strut bar

Can I have more pics of sweat shop car part labor please? I’ll pay you…

100%The best post on this forum ever.


lol. That was amazing. Bing is the man.

honesty is key… some brands / companies like to rebrand these parts without acknowledging where they come from.

there’s no reason to hide it imho… we all know how this shit works so let’s admit it and have fun with it.

most of the stuff that comes from overseas is just fine… some of it, like turbos and multi-link, is not suitable for a car here… take it for what it’s worth.

as for warranty, yes there is a warranty of sorts because the margins are so huge that we can afford to do it :slight_smile:

Thanks Bing
Just waiting on yout PM

wanna get them to make me some ms3 parts?

i dont knwo what an MS3 is

Mazda Speed 3

ah, look here: http://stores.ebay.com/delubozparts/_i.html?_nkw=mazda+&_sid=24549228

i see some RUCA and exhuast hangers etc… not much really