WTB: 3G or 4G fbody. 1000 max


haha. elise >>>>>> any domestic as far as broad appeal.

Business review: HMS Motorsport

Even if its not a t-top,
It should be cut into one.
Project Redneck F-bod.


There isn’t a broad on earth that even knows what an Elise is or who makes one for that matter. Elises are “cute” in kind of kit car, oddity way. Camaros are manly, especially Z28’s. You had better get yourself a V-6 powered one for your project. Z28/Trans Am shoes are too big for you to fill.

take it 2 the track.ca

lol. right.

EDIT: i see why we aren’t seeing eye to eye. It’s all about target audience:

Likes the elise:

Likes your camaro:





Bwahahahahahaha Sounds like SLPV6Camaro on here lol. Only difference between him and newman is newman is doing all of this for a joke. The other kid is 100% serious:lol:

Ban List

Shit. I had the perfect car for your project about a year ago. T-tops, primer black, 6 cylinder with like 140K miles. Still ran good until someone tried to steal it. Good thing the battery was dead. I sold it for 2 hundo.


Your comments make me want to sell my camaro already.

Manly? Is that what you seriously say to yourself while driving it? “OMG im so fucking manly while driving in my manly v8 powered car. Nothing is more manly than getting man-head in my beast of mans car.”


it’s a joke dude relax…


LOL @ those custom cupholders!!!


You need to eat raw meat, smoke, and start fires while driving a honda to be anywhere near as manly as someone in a camaro.

ok, NOW I'm scared
ok, NOW I'm scared

You have to be a candidate for saying some of the dumbest shit I have ever read.

How many times do you piss a day?
the best way to get 350whp

man when im driving my vw i have to fuckign smoke like a chimney, drink tons of pbr, eat tbone steaks, and shoot animals witha shotgun while driving so i can be as manly as a guy who drives an fbod.

cause everybody knows jettas are for faggots. :ham:

the best way to get 350whp

yeah that kinda ruined my life for a period of time…

I always felt like a one man gay pride parade


oh man this one is gonna be good :tup:

time to grab some popcorn and :beer: :tup:


lol, some of you guys need some thicker skin…


I think C6 Z06 > Elise in that regard.



Just to give you some ideas.

ok, NOW I'm scared

there are no girls who really give a flying fuck what kind of car it is. the only thing they care about is if its cute and it makes them look hot when they get in it. ur camaro doesnt make chicks look hot. exotic sports cars on the other hand do. the last line of ur response to this is retarded. he is going to do this whole project to mock ur domestic antics. i hope he highly offends a lot of ppl by doing this. i wanna be part of this